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What causes vomiting? Lock Rss

Hi everyone
Last night Anastasia projectile vomited all over me and she did it on her play mat this afternoon..
I have been burping her and I haven't been over feeding her (That I know of)
What is normally the causes for vomiting in newborns?
hi lami, my ds used to do the same after being fed and even hours later, it was just a case of keeping him up right for about 20 to 30 minutes after bub had his bottle and not laying bub down straight after a bottle, as my ds is formula fed we also had to change the formula he was on s26 gold and is now on heniz nurture, no more vomiting and a happier baby smile hope this helps
My bub is on S26, do u think that could be causing the vomiting??
Maybe I should switch??
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