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Fennell Tea Rss

Hi Everyone.

Has anyone drank Fennell Tea to assist in bringing up wind in their baby?? If so is it effective and how many drinks per day should you take??
Hi Belinda!

No. I haven't tried Fennel tea for that ... or ever ... I don't think!

But a point to note is, because Fennel is oestrogenic [and oestrogens are known to suppress breastmilk production] it may potentially slow down your supply. No doubt your milk production is not going to cease due to a couple of cups of tea [LOL] but it is something you should be aware of though.

Did someone suggest it to you? If so might be worth mentioning this to them, too!!



Hi again Belinda,

I have just looked down the list and realised that you have a few queries about this kind of thing - do you have a 'fussy', windy, crying baby?? Is this still ongoing?

If you are breastfeeding, please don't give your baby anything other than breastmilk - unless it is medication prescribed [and deemed ABSOLUTELY necessary, by your Doctor]. Interrupting the exclusive breastfeeding is not good for bub.

If you are still having problems, has anyone suggested that you eliminate all dairy from your own diet - this often helps 'colicky' babies. [There has actually been research done on this so this is not just a 'this helped grandma's babies' kind of stuff!!] Babies can have reactions to foreign proteins through your milk, and can even have allergic type reactions to some things you eat ... in saying that, usually, a mum eating most things is not a problem for bub, but it can happen.

My second was a screamer and eliminating all dairy worked well for us - but boy oh boy it is hard. You find cow's milk is in sooooo many things - and it comes under all sorts of different names ...

anyway this was just a thought , as I had seen these other questions!!


Hi Belinda, my bub had wind in the early weeks and my mother suggested giving him diluted fennel tea (rather than you drinking it). Only a small amount each day (10-20mls was all he took) but it worked wonders for his wind.
Hi Belinda,

You can have about three cups of fennel tea per day (if you can find the time smile )

Fennel is actually a well documented galactagogue, which means that it is fantastic for increasing milk production - among other things such as colic. Try to crush the seeds a bit before you infuse them - hope you like an aniseed taste - eeeewwwww!!! It's not that bad really smile !

Good Luck!!
I have been using herbal medicine my a few years now and have found drinking 2 cup of fennel tea myself to really help with me producing milk.

Imogens Mumma

[b]Fennel seed tea[/b][/url]
A member of the carrot family, Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a native of Italy and one of the most ancient of cultivated plants. The Roman colonization of Italy spread the early use of the plant, especially for culinary purposes. Used as a flavoring for salt-water fish, it was also used to whiten, tenderize and deodorize the meat. The odor of Fennel seed is fragrant and the taste is warm, sweet and agreeable. Similar in taste to Dill and Anise, Fennel may be substituted for them in recipes for interesting effects. The shoots and stalks can also be eaten raw like celery. In addition to Fennel's culinary uses, it adds a sharp scent to potpourris, sachets, perfumes and soaps. Fennel is often used with other herbs for its soothing effect.

For more information: [url= here...[/url]
I used fennel seed capsules rather than the tea. It worked a treat. Most of our probs were due to a fast let down so I would let it run a little before putting him on too.
camomile tea is really good for bringing up wind and relaxing baby.... try drinking a few cups of tea a day... (not that mums with newborns have time to sit down have a few cups of tea lol) good luck darl...
have you tried massaging bubz tummy with olive oil, and cycling his legs...

damara wrote:
Hi Belinda, my bub had wind in the early weeks and my mother suggested giving him diluted fennel tea (rather than you drinking it). Only a small amount each day (10-20mls was all he took) but it worked wonders for his wind.

I had the same experience. A little bit of Fennel tea doesn't harm baby and works wonders. If you are scared of giving it to baby there is a German brand of Fennel tea, that is specifically for baby (from 2 weeks). A small amount of 15ml does the trick! stock them.
Fennel tea is good for those mothers who are breastfeed to their babies. It helps to improve the supply of mother milk. But before taking it, please consult with your doctor or any child care expert that how much drinks you should take per day..

Hi, having a colicky baby can make any mother worry for the health of their little one, and that too when the baby keeps on crying day after day. The most helpless situation I experienced after my first baby girl was born, I fed her well all the times but she was so troubled mostly. I also started giving her some formula milk but it didn’t seem to work anyway. I did regular massages but that too didn’t seem to help her out, so I read somewhere on the Internet that fennel tea acts as a tool to relief your baby’s fussy behavior. Soon after that, I started taking fennel tea myself as well as giving it to my baby in drops. I actually saw my baby relaxed. Do give it a try. And I am sorry I don’t remember the exact amount I drank.
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