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How to prepare a bottle for feeding in public Lock Rss

Hi all, I have an 8 week old son who is currently breastfeed with an occasional top up of formula (mostly for the last feed at night). I am wondering how should I prepare a bottle for feeding in public? I don't have any issues with breastfeeding in public, except for the inconvenience of it as my son feeds for 30 minutes on each side, anything less and he starts screaming within 10 minutes because he is still hungry. Therefore when out shopping or if I have an appointment I'm not always able to stop, sit and feed for an hour; and as much as I try it's not always possible to plan around and in between feed times.
So my question is, how can I heat up breast milk in public or can I give it to my son at room temperature? And alternatively how do a prepare a formula bottle in public?

Closer to nature have these thermal containers pop some boiling water in it before you leave then when preparing the bottle you pour it into the white lid and pop the bottle in to heat up smile you may find he doesnt like room temp when used to breast milk being Nice and warm smile also grab some formula containers they are small and made for individual portions. For example my son has 150 mls so i put scoops in a container ready to pour in. I have water in each bottle ready to go and they sit in thermal pouches to keep cool during summer. Plus i always take one extra bottle for a feed that could go unplanned!
If taking a bottle of expressed breast milk out with you, buy a thermal bag, many brands make them, I have an Avent one, my son is formula fed so I boil the water, put in his bottle and I always wait for it to cool down so then if its cooled too much I heat the water again, and put it in the thermal bag to keep it warm.
Avent also make powder formula dispensers which you put in as many scoops of formula needed then tip it into the warm bottle of water when out n about. And wallah! You have yourself a freshly made warm bottle ready to go. Although just be warned with the thermal bags, they only keep the bottle warm for about 2-3 hours. If you want it to keep hotter for longer, make the water much hotter, like probably boiled.

All my kids were formula babies. When out and about I would take a small thermos of hot water. I would fill my bottles with half the amount of water needed and then when needed fill with the water from the thermos. That worked out to be just the right temperature for my kids. You get the formula dispenser containers. As other have said each compartment you put in how much formula you need.

Just remember that most shopping centres etc all have parent rooms. Most have microwaves to heat bottles if you need it.

Not sure if you can still buy them. But we did a lot of travel with our kids and with having twins and needing to take twice the amount of bottles. I got I think they were pur self sterilising bottles. So I would use them and then go to a parents room and sterilise them in the microwave and then they were ready to go again. You only needed the bottle to sterilise them. It had a large lid that you put the teat and everything in with water and then heat in microwave. They were so handy so we could go out all day and just take two bottles one for each child. But not sure if you can still get them.

With breast milk. Take the milk in a cooler bag and then take a container that the bottle will fit in and heat with the warm water from the thermos.

Enjoy you trip out. My kids loved to be out and out and about and travel.

Thank you ladies! I've decided to purchase the closer to nature thermal container as I think it will be the most convenient for me. Thank you again I appreciate the help smile
Just be aware I think the closer to nature thermal container only fits closer to nature bottles. I was going to buy one but I use avent bottles so they wouldn't fit. I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think that's right. Lol

My sister had a glass bottle. She paired it with her Scanpan, in order to boil it first. (Yeah, she was a bit paranoid). As someone mentioned above, she put powder in a bottle, and asked for a hot water in a restaurant. Luckily, our town had quite quality water supply.
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