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Formula and Constipation Lock Rss

Hi mum's, would like your suggestions and what worked for you with formulas causing constipation. My son is now 5wks old and has been formula fed since birth. He was firstly on Karicare Aptimal Gold + and this blocked him up badly, I then changed to Aptamil Gold + HA which helped with his stools but gave him terrible colic. So after speaking with the midwife she suggested to stay away from the 'gold' and '+' formulas so we are currently on S26 Original, which hasn't been too bad but I still am needing to give him Coloxyl drops everyday to help him.
So any mums have suggestions on what formula you found was gentle on tummy's and didn't cause bad colic?

We used SMA with our daughter. It was very gentle on her tummy. It's been around for so long. Her father was on it when he was born. Might a suggest that. It's from the same company that makes S26 we had no issues with bowels or colic with that formula Good luck.
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