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Breastfeeding from only one side??? Rss


I have a nearly 3week old babe- we are starting to go alot better with breast feeding (yay!) but he hardly ever latches to my right side..... Originally we were using a nipple shield as my nipples are flat, we have now got rid of this on left but no matter what hold/shield/no sheild i do on right he rarely feeds off it. I cant hold him in the 'normal' way on that side as he got stuck during labour & has fractured ribs sad I have googled it & he seems to be getting full/lots of wet nappies off just the one & seems as though you can successfully feed off just the one side- but wanted to hear from anyone who has? I really want to breastfeed as long as poss & am happy doing just the one side if thats what we have to do grin I have been expressing off the side he doesnt want to avoid blockages & then offering it in a bottle but have stopped this now as after a bottle he takes AGES to latch next feed.....Thanks in advance for your help xx
Sorry I haven’t had this, but was just wondering if you have seen a lactation consultant, they are free up to six weeks. When we had trouble feeding we saw one and she suggested feeding reclined which is a more natural position to feed in, check out this website, may be helpful to you

I agree - see a lactation consultant if you can smile But yes, you can feed off just one side - breastfed twins essentially feed from 1 side only smile
When I had my twins I fully bf my ds and my dd I expressed for as she wouldn't bf, but I found for a period of a month or two that my ds preferred to feed only from one side and always refused the other side. I always offered the other side first at next feed but he wouldnt take it. But one day he just decided to use both sides. I used to express in between feeds as well for my dd.
Hi smile

Neither of my babies liked the right side! So weird!
I haven't fed only on one side because I've managed to get them to feed on the right anyway.

I know you're supposed to switch sides that you start on each time, but I found that by starting out feeding on the right every time they eventually got the idea that they needed to have some on that side.
DD would always cry more when I tried to latch her on. I would let her cry for a bit and keep trying to latch her on, but if she got really upset then I would just feed her on the left. Also, If she latched on to the right and then only had a couple of sucks I would try and re-latch her until she had at least relieved the pressure off the right side. She was not very impressed and would cry, but perseverance won. Again, I would switch her to the left side anyway if she got super upset.
She is just over 3 months old now and still prefers the left, but she will usually have a decent feed on the right too and will always have at least a little bit. I'm still feeding her right side first, then left side and she is growing fine. It took me a few weeks to sort it out, and it really tested my patience, but it worked for me.

Good luck smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

All of mine preferred one side, I persisted, used football hold, layed down beside them, expressed, etc... until they all got old enough to not care. Bf is so much easier than formula... Didn't take long, 10-12 weeks til feeding was easy. Good luck!
My dd always preferred the left when she was really little but I always offered both until she was old enough to latch herself on with no assistance and I went to feeding from one side each feed (so still using both breasts just one at a time).
I do however know someone who stopped feeding on their right from about 3 weeks and went on to continue exclusively bf for 12 months. She didn't tell anyone for ages because she was embarrassed but hey her daughter is healthy and fed! She had slightly lop sided boobs afterwards but I think most of us do anyway after a baby and bf.
if I were you I'd keep offering both even if he just feeds on one for now. Eventually he will latch on heaps easier and it becomes soooo much easier and cheaper than bottles.

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