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Formula Feeding Parents - using or have used BELLAMYS Lock Rss


I was just wondering whether any one is or has used Bellamys Organic Forumula (Stage 1), and whether you added anything to it for 'probiotics'?

We've tried so many formulas with our 11 week old and so far, this seems to be the only one that is giving her regular BM (weird, as I have read heaps of reviews saying it made their little one constipated) and her reflux finally seems under control. However, I have also read reviews where parents were adding something to this formula for the probiotics. On the other hand, I have read that all these added extras in other formulas are not necessary. Just wondering what other people have done? We were alternating for a few days between Bellamys and Nan HA Gold, but she kept vomitting on the Nan.


Emma smile
I used it for my daughter as all the Gold ones constipated her. I never had any dramas and never added anything, although she was breastfed until 8 months... you could perhaps add Inner Health Plus powder if you are concerned about the probiotics but I personally wouldn't worry. Once they start solids you can add the extras into their diet anyway...
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