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First time mum FF seeking advice Lock Rss

my bub has just gone 6 weeks + 2 days. He was having trouble bringing up wind, he would get so worked up and would take ages... the health nurse suggested infacol at 4wks + 5days and i guess it worked, but a few days in he was horrible, screamed all day, not sleep and would also throw up his feeds, after feed and also randomly and LOTS (every day), he would go down for a sleep and wake up not even an hour later spewing and crying... i didn't really think anything of it until we went out for a day and i wasn't able to put it into bottles and he seemed better. less screaming and less vomiting. he still has tiny little ones, but nothing like he was having, so i have stopped giving it to him he went a whole day without it today and only one med spew after feed and a couple little ones. He brought up burps pretty ok. But still a little bit of screaming, i sit him up and ok for a bit then will scream and i put him into my arms and he will settle after a bit and go to sleep.
He was also of a morning after his feed he would scream and cry just before having a big poo, it is runny (not hard) the poor little thing looks at me and there is nothing i can do but snuggle him and hold his little hand that grips on so hard, after he has the first poop he is usually fine for the rest to come out but still goes super red.

just wonder on any advice, or if it could be the formula, or could it have been the infacol and see how he goes off it now he is older. He has been on Karicare Plus since birth.

he has his 6 week Dr appointment and needles on Friday coming so will have a chat with him, but thought there might be some good advice/similar experiences here that might help and i could also discuss with the Dr. i just feel like i could be doing something wrong, i am so buggered and stresses me out that i can't do anything to help him while he has these screaming fits, or know what is wrong after trying everything i can think of.
I would get him checked out to be safe. However my dd is 4 months and doesn't vomit but still struggles with wind and nearly everytime she has to poo she screams until its out. The dr said its just because their digestive system is still weak and they don always know to push to relieve themselves.
I find if I sit on the couch or bed with my knees up and put dd upright against my knees with her legs pulled up to her chest she finds it a bit easier.

My bub (12 weeks) just recently had the same problem with Infacol. She has suffered with reflux pretty much since birth but I gave her Infacol a few weeks ago because she was really struggling to bring up wind and after a few days she started throwing up half to all of her bottle. I stopped the Infacol and she went back to her normal refluxy vomits. I have her on Karicare Aptamil Gold + HA, after trying about 7 different formulas this seems to be a lot better for her.
just a little follow up, he is much better now he is not on infacol, has been off it for 3-4 days, he has only thrown up a couple of times and it has not been as much (come out) as when he was on the infacol. His burping (and farting lol) has improved sometimes it takes a little longer, but i would rather spend a little extra time burping then to see him throwing up and screaming so much, still screaming and upset a little but nowhere near as much. i think he may have some reflux, will have a chat with the Dr tomorrow, my normal Dr had to cancel so i am seeing someone else, hopefully he is a nice Dr.
Aw poor baby and poor mummy!!

My Mother passed on an old trick (from her Mother - a Mum of 12 from 1930-1950's!) when my son was born and I sware by it!
From 6wks on - Boiled water with a tiny amount of brown sugar (colour should be a light golden brown), cooled to room temp. I would make 60mls or so and only give him what he was willing to take, even if it is only 10mls - Baby does not need a lot.
Not only does get the bowels moving but it gives baby a little break from milk.

The alternative was a small spoon of oil 'to coat the insides' but I never got around to trying that one...

Hope this helps xx Each baby is different and it takes a while to work out what works for each one. Best of luck.
This is really interesting my 9 week old had the same problems with infacol so I stoped using it. Im still struggling to get her wind up I will try the water and brown sugar.
What is it with Infacol? I had the same problem as well! I consulted a physician right away since symptoms are just the same for my bub however a bit worse sad Thank goodness everything's ok! smile
My son who is now 15 weeks had all the same issues, we tried all the wind remedies and nothing worked, then I googled Dr Brown's bottles and he has been a changed baby ever since. They are designed so that all the air bubbles flow down a tube into the empty cavity of the bottle not back into the milk and then swallowed. Although he does still occasionally spit up it's only clear and not much at all.

Ask your GP if you can try peptijunior or other type of formula that is for a dairy protein allergy. If it goes away it may be a allergy to the protein in dairy which baby will eventually grow out of. If not go back to normal formula. Don't try soy as some with dairy intolerance also have the same reaction to soy. There is a lot in the "gold" formulas and can be too rich. May just need a basic formula.
We had this issue to and we kept being told he is just really windy keep using the infacol so we did. But when we went to doctors for his 6wk check up he said it sounded like reflux. We started him on ranitidine and stopped the infacol and he has never been better. I think somehow the infacol made his reflux worse
So sorry to hear what you and bubby are going through right now sad
I don't use formula so i wouldn't have a clue on how to help with that but may i suggest that you try using Infants Friend if you haven't already, Here is a link that can tell you a bit more about it, I cannot remember what age you can use it at but I sincerely hope it helps in someway *Hugs*

That has to be the most horrible thing. My little girl was the same around that similar age and it was so stressful! I tried gripe water because it was natural and it worked a treat. Brings up wind instantly! For most babies it does pass. It only lasted with my daughter for about two weeks. Some babies have it a bit longer and some none at all. You should maybe look at another formula if he is having trouble pooing aswell. Might not be agreeing with him. I have several friends who have had to try about 4 or 5 formulas each before they got the right one smile
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