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Breast feeding and alcohol?? Rss

I'm 39 weeks pregnant with my first. I intend to breast feed and just wonder what the advice is with regards to drinking alcohol?
I'm not planning any heavy drinking sessions, but would like the odd glass of wine over Christmas.
I wondered about expressing before drinking - using this milk to feed baby. And then expressing again after drinking and discarding this milk before BF again?

Would this be the right thing to do? Has anybody else worked out a different routine or is alcohol a complete NO NO when BF?
That would be the right thing to do. It takes 2 - 3 hours to completely clear one standard drink from breastmilk, so depending on how long bub has between feeds, you could drink straight after (or during even) your feed and would possibly be alcohol free before next feed without having to express. I'm told that after bub is 4 wks a small amount of alcohol left in your breastmilk is very unlikely to cause harm. Australian Breastfeeding Association has good information regarding this. I have the odd drink and BF. If not sure, just do as you suggested and express. As a new mum, I think you will be more than deserving of a glass of wine at Christmas!

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I had the odd glass when BF and didn't bother expressing and discarding. The alcohol doesn't stay in your milk it gets processed through. So if you fed bubs at say 7pm, then had a glass then fed again during the night it should be okay. I personally didn't really feel like drinking more than about half a glass as I knew that I could be getting up all through the night and also after such a long time not drinking, am a real lightweight!!

I personally would not drink if I had a newborn baby.

Here is the ABAs (Australian Breastfeeding Association) position on bf and alcohol and they have a leaflet that you can download at the bottom of the page.

Alcohol and Breastfeeding

My choice is not to drink at all when breastfeeding. However if you do drink there are test strips you can buy from some chemists to test if there is alcohol in your brest milk...
It's a personal choice really, I have the occasional glass of wine now and mostly once she has gone down for the night and I know I won't be feeding for a few hours.
I hardly ever drink these days (meaning the last 4 years or so!!) but I don't think there is any harm in having a small drink timed so that there is the longest possible time between the drink and the next feed. I have had a couple of times with DD#2 where I have had a glass of wine just after she has gone to bed for the night - 7.30pm or so knowing that she would wake up at about 3am, the wine would have been long gone!
And I just remembered, DH and I went to one of my good friend's wedding, DD#2 was at home with my Mum, and I had saved a big stock pile of breast milk in the freezer. I had about 3 glasses of wine and then pumped and dumped when I got home. The only reason I felt the need to do that was because I was really uncomfortable! Basically if you have sobered up, your milk has too.
If you are worried there are test strips you can use (as KristyMary said) here is a link to what I mean:
I think you will get varied answers to this question, the same as if you ask do you drink while pregnant. Some say a drink every now and again is ok and some say not at all.

Personally I have one drink, but only on occasion.
Everyone has varying opinions on this and some people have very strong feelings on the subject.

With DS I didn't drink at all while I was BF. If we were going somewhere that I thought I would want a drink I would take a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne with me (the non-alcoholic chardonay was nasty).

I am currently BF DD and will occasionally have a glass of wine or a light beer. The wine is usually lindemans early harvest which is lower in alcohol (and calories!). In saying that I tend to be careful who is around as my family don't care at all where as DH's family have been known to make the odd comment.

If you are worried about it then express away!
I expressed for the days leading up to the event, that way, I could have a glass with out any worries. And DF then feed DS during the night as I felt that 1 glass has the effect like a whole bottle of wine before I was pregnant!

I made sure I also drank alot of water during the event, so I was still ready to BF in the morning.

I had half a glass of wine during pregnancy on Christmas day with OJ mixed in, but as PP said, I brought sparkling fruit juice for special occasions.

You can get some really yummy non alcoholic drinks these days....maybe one of them might float your boat.... with a baby that young you risk giving them a belly ache and then christmas would take a turn for the worst.
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I had the odd drink when DD was quite young. I wouldn't feed for at least 4 hours from when i started.
I eat while drinking too. Definitely think expressing and just giving a bottle will be a lot better than BFing, but that is completely up to you. Just good for piece of mind really. I wouldn't too much about expressing and dis grading either if you bottle feed, you may want to express anyway after a while because you'll become QUIET full smile If it is after 4 hours and you've only had a glass or 2 of wine, you can keep that milk

As others said, lots of different opinions. Personally i think you have every right to enjoy the odd glass of wine smile

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