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do you ever wake a sleeping baby??? Lock Rss

hi i have a 6 day old, 3.8 kg daughter, she sleeps really well at times has been sleeping for 4.5 hours at the moment my issue is my milk came in 3 days ago and im really sore... do i wake her to feed her? express some in the shower ( hence increasing my supply) or just leave her to wake in her own time and just take some panadol in the meantime....

it seems i have enough milk to feed a whole hospital i hope it regulates itself soon....
Sounds wrong but put cabbage leaves in your bra smile very soothing. It should calm down in a few days it's just what happens at that time.
I've never wake my son up, i let him wake up. when my boobs are full i will express and freeze it for when i go out and he home with daddy.

Ever heard the saying never wake up a sleeping bear well it can apply to waking a baby. My mum told me that saying. I did it once with my oldest son but i was changing his nappy. I was up for the next 3 hours trying to get him back to sleep. Never did it again.

I'm sure that when your baby wakes up it take the pressure off your boobs too.

4.5 hours sounds like a long time for a newborn - but all babies are different. Is your bub jaundiced at all? If she is I would wake her up for feeds. If she's not and only sleeping that long occasionally I wouldn't worry about it. I agree with the cabbage leaves. Some people also freeze nappies and pop them on their boobs.
If there is any sign of jaundice I would wake them every 3 hrs but if bub has none then let the baby sleep. Express milk and save it. The milk will settle down in a week or so. Expressing also helps when you boobs are so hard the baby can't latch on.
Expressing won't increase your milk supply too much at that stage if you just express enough to release the discomfort. Take advantage of the 4.5hr sleeps while they still last as by the time you read this it may all be back to 1hr sleeps!
I would wake my son to feed but that was only because he was sick and we needed to get his weight up. otherwise i probably would have left him.

If your only concern is you feel like you need to feed then i wouldnt worry about it, your milk will regulate itself rather quickly. You always have more to start off with.

If you express then your boobs will think they need to make more milk cause they 'think' your baby is feeding.

Fill nappies with water and put them in the freezer, then put them on your boobs. works a treat to relieve the pain of fullness.
thankyou all and no shes not jaundiced at all and back to her birth weight already she ended up sleeping for 5 hours, shes done this a few times now i got a sleep in and got to spend time with my 3 year old smile
from the day i brought DS home he slept 4-6hours at night. i had the same deliema (sp?). i would only wake him during the day and at night i would let him sleep.
hes 8weeks now and sleeps 5-7hours at night i have no probs getting him bak to sleep. and now he has short sleeps during the day and long at night.

i wouldnt use cabbage leaves as a lactation consultant said that it causes ur milk to dry up.
just express in the shower to relieve abit of the fullness
during the day i was strict and woke him up every 4 hours that way (fingers crossed) baby won't wake up hungry for a bit longer at night. mine used to sleep for 5-6 hours straight (bliss) from the last feed of the day. if i had let him sleep as much as he wanted he wouldn't have got enough to eat. also, easier for you then to make plans around the feed times and will regulate the amount of milk you have.
my daughter tends to feed 2-3 hourly during the day.... and night fairly similar but come 4am she starts this 5 hour sleep.... which is great but its not so great when my milk is still regulating itself...

and good to know expressing a tiny bit (enough to get relief) in the shower wont increase my supply as thats something that would really help i think
I have no problem waking a sleeping baby. My baby is now 13 weeks old and used to sleep like a trooper from the time she came home from hospital but had her days and nights a little mixed up. I used to wake her regularly through the day and made sure she had good feeds and then let her sleep as much as she wanted at night. She started to sleep from 10.30pm to 7am from 5 weeks old and still does the same now (I wake her for the 10.30pm feed). I have a good milk supply and she now weighs well over 7kg. She is happy and thriving so it doesn't seem to have been detrimental to her.
I would wake baby after 4 hours in the day and not at all in the night ie feed on demand. if you can get 5 x 3-4 hourly feeds in a day you may only have to get up 2 times in the night. worked for me and she was sleeping through with no overnight feeds by 4 months. boobs nearly exploded but it was good to be able to rest!!!!

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