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Hi all
I am a second time mum and BF my first for 5 months and dried up naturally. This time around however, my little darling has refused the breast at 6 weeks, and I mean doesn't want any thing to do with it.
Just wondering if any one could offer me some tips on how to help reduce the pain and speed up the drying up period??? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
im drying up one side at the moment due to pain and what iv done is use cabbage, put it in your bra from the fridge, it stays cold for ages and seems to ease the pain, I expressed small amounts off every six hours or so on the first day, then just slowly cut it down, and a really tight bra as this stops milk production, this is my third day and today iv only expressed off about 20 mils once and the pain is getting alot better, the first day and night were killers though!!, watch out for lumps and redness though as this can be a sign of mastitis smile - goodluck!

I wore a really tight bra and a tight shirt and didnt express anything at all. When you are in the shower run the warm water over your breasts and let the milk out that way. I got some gel discs from the chemist and put them in the fridge and just kept changing them to keep my breasts cool.
it hurts quite alot for the first few days but after about 10 days all the milk had dried up. I didnt get an infection or lumps.
Thanks for the advice ladies, it has been really arppreciated, I am all but dried up now, pretty much did exactly the same thing as you Jeppie and I agree it was very painful for the first few days. I am glad to report I haven't ended up with any infections or lumps and my darling baby boy is thriving. Thanks again for the advice
I too have stoped feding my 3 week old girl. Sadly but so. I too have used cabbage leaves in a fitted bra and this eases a majority of disconfort. Its day 3 and thisgs are softning and feeling less painfull, pain killers a must!!!
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