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Is it ok that I only offer one breast per feed? My 4 week old feeds for around 20-25mins each feed and has been putting on weight. Do I have to offer the second breast at every feed????
it is a good idea to offer the 2nd, if bub doesnt take it, dont worry, but it is a good idea to offer it any way

I feed only one side per feed, it was orginally so i had a bigger break between feeds as my nipples were so sore but now i just do one side per feed, i always do the burp in the middle and re offer the same breast, works fine for me smile

The midwife in hospital told me that its best to offer only one breast per feed as it ensures that bub gets the high milk which is the "belly filler" instead of the "thirst quencher" and contains hormones for relaxtion for sleep.

I've been feeding one breast, change nappy or burp, then offer the same breast.

But then again with my son I was told to do 20 to 25 minutes on one side then offer the other.

Give the one breast thing a go and see how it works for you.

I have been told with DS to do one breast per feed so he gets more hind milk.. i've even been told to offer the one breast and if he wants more within 2 hours to offer the same one again before swapping to the other one to make sure he empties it as much as possible.

I normally only feed from one breast but have to offer the second one occasionally. I also express milk once a day a I start from the breast my daughter was last on and when no more milk is coming out I then start from the other breast if I haven't expressed much milk. I then offer her the second breast the next time I feed.
i do the same as the poster above me.

Offer one boob, have a burp and offer the same boob to ensure baby gets all the different milk. The composition of it changes as it goes 'furthur back'. sometimes i will offer the second breast, for instance when he keeps coming off the first breast but i can tell he is still hungry, i will then offer the other one.

I usually will express off the last fed breast in the mornings and when i stop getting milk i will express a bit out of the other (mainly just to fill up a 125ml bottle) and then i offer that breast at the next feed.

Your breast will never completely empty, baby will always be able to get milk out but if you find that bub keeps coming off the breast but is still searching for the nipple, then offer the second breast. If he/she doent want it then dont worry about it =)

Just thought I would let you know my stories. I have fed 2 children for 10 months each (at different times) on only one breast per feed, and I'm now on #3 (baby #4, first baby was only fed for 7 weeks) being breastfed on one side per feed still. She is now 11 months and is going fine on one side per fed since birth. If you think your baby is getting enough out of one breast then that's great, if not offer the other and see if bub will take it.
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I posted a few weeks back but now that my bubs is older he has both breasts.
He gets to the point after about 15 mins of feeding that he'll just keep pulling off but he's still looking for food so i'll give him the other one and he'll drink most of that one too. LOL..

baby should be offered the second breast at every feed but do not worry if they dont take it. Purposely only offering once breast per feed can reduce your milk supply (it is a technique used in mothers with an oversupply to slow down milk production). Ensure the first breast is empty and then burp and switch. Start with the other breast next feed and then burp and go back to the first. Baby will regulate your supply, dont get too caught up in foremilk/hindmilk, if baby has 6 or more wet nappies per day , regular bowel motions and is generally happy and gaining weight well then you have nothing to worry about. All the best.


Hi All,
I just wanted to add my little bit. My bub is 3 weeks old and still only takes one side. He sucks anywhere from about 15- 25 minutes and then pulls off. I burp him and then try to offer him some more from the same side but he very very rarely ever takes any more. I was a bit worried that I wasn't filling him fully but when I had him weighed at day 5 he had only lost 180 grams (just under 5% of his bith weight), then I had him weighed again at day 20 and he had gained 780 grams. I worked it out that he has been gaining 52 grams a day.

Birth weight- 3.8kg.
Day 5- 3.62kg
Day 20- 4.4kg.


My experience was that I was only offering one boob (I was naive and didn't think of anything else!), but then when bubs was about 8 weeks old my maternal health nurse told me to offer the second. I did so and from that night onwards she started sleeping through the night.

However, every baby and every boob is different! It also seems the advice can be very different. Maybe all you can do is try with both boobs, and see what works for you, your baby and your lifestyle.
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