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I just don't get it!! Lock Rss

I have a nearly 2 week old little boy and I am breastfeeding for the first time. I have been waiting for this amazing bonding feeling you get with breastfeeding but I just don't get it. I feel tired and sore and don't love it at all!! Where is this amazing feeling? I just don't enjoy the breast feeding experience. I am trying to stick with it at least for a few months but I am finding it hard. Anyone else...or am I terrible??

One day at a time

my first 2 wks were hard coz my boy (now 6.5mths) was 5wks prem, n did nothing but fall asleep on the boob, so i was expressing while he was in hosp n tube feeding sfter each bf. afta that my nipples cracked, n due to bub developing a milk protein allergy at 4wks, my nipples didnt heal til he was diagnosed at 4mths!!!!

so my first 4mths of bf were HELL, i almost quit so many times, but had much ph contact with midwives, ECN's and my mum (i live 300km from anywhere), and i pushed through. now i love it, it is special time for my lil man n me, no one else can hav that time and it is very special.

i was really tired for about 6wks, then things started to settle as far as that was concerned. stick it out, n make sure u talk to some1 u trust if having concerns

hope this helps

I totally felt that way with DD1 and also DS so I only BF them for 5 weeks each. I felt like I bonded better once I stopped struggling with the BF because I didn't resent them for the pain and troubles we had every feed.
This time around (DD2)I am loving BF and felt that bonding straight away. BF her has not been anywhere near as troublesome and painful so I've kept it up and plan to until 12 months or whenever it stops working for us.

Just do what you want to do, if your only BF because there is alot of pressure out there to do it but you'd rather not, then go to formula, formula is great too smile

Breastfeeding is definitely hard when you start - but it gets easy with time smile

Breastfeeding is hard work, especially in the early days... no one tells you that though! Anything they tell you in antenatal classes or in books is all peace love and mung beans... rarely if ever is it mentioned that it is hard work and that it takes 6 weeks at least to get established well and then its an ongoing labour of love.

You are not terrible, just unprepared (as we all are with our first) as to what the reality is. You are doing well so be very proud of yourself and know that you are not alone in feeling how you do.
Stick with it if you can! It's worth it smile It can be quite hard to begin with - definately not something you just know how to do, it's a learnt skill. It will probably take a good 6+ weeks until you've both found your groove. I'd suggest going to your local library and find some books on breastfeeding. GL

Don't give up too soon, it will get better! As the pp said bf is something you AND bub have to learn. I expected us to get it right from day one and the midwives in hosp made me feel like a failure because we couldn't get the attachment right (and told me to give up). After about a week (of me crying non-stop) a wonderful lactation consultant explained to me it was a learning process and to keep it up we would get there. And we did after 6 weeks it got much better, there were still a few ups and downs, but I was sooooooo glad I persisted. So much so we don't want to stop! 22 months and counting - DS and I loooooove our "special" cuddles. Maybe it will change when my next bub arrives in June, but so far no plans to stop!

Keep up the good work, it WILL get better.

Hi! I had the very same feelings with my little man...the first few weeks or so are so hard. You are dealing with trying to recover from a birth without having the time or the chance to really rest much. You are soooo so so so TIRED! There is a reason they use sleep deprivation as a method of torture - it IS TORTURE! anyway you don't need me to tell you this. I just wanted to let you know that this incredibly, amazing bond that is just indescribable, and at the moment at least, elusive,

it will come. In the mean time, make sure that you are comfortable, wear a super soft dressing gown and you may as well just live in those singlet tops you can buy that have the drop down cup things, just to make life that little smidge easier.

Make sure you are latching on properly by seeing a midwife or a lactation consultant. I was back at the hospital in 2 days after going home. with the lactaction consultant showing me EXACTLY what to do and how to do it...the midwives didn't have a f***ing clue..***shakes head*** but they were so helpful and friendly and didn't make me feel like a freak for not knowing how to feed my own baby.

The first little sooo hard. I know. But truly hang in there and I promise you, as things settle down and everyone gradually startes getting more sleep (NOT MENTIONING ANY NAMES LITTLE BABY!!!) the mood swings will tend to go out the window (along with any frypans or toasters once used as ammunition against unsuspecting family members who just say the WRONG thing at the WRONG TIME!!)
Joking. Sort of. Well anyway...

You are not terrible honey chilli. If anything you are TERRBILY AMAZING at the effort and the work you are putting in right now! Just think....the hardest times and the greatest adversity reaps the greatest rewards. Your little angel son is going to smile at you in around 4 weeks or so...!

I havent had the feelings either, iv actually gone from solely breastfeeding to alternating bottle and breast feeding and i feel much better now and am enjoying my baby much more, there are people out there that just dont enjoy breastfeeding and i am definately one of them, it mad me so angry and i was starting to resent my new little boy which was horrible.

My husband can also bond with him now to which he loves and it gives me a wee break.

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