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drinking and breastfeeding? Rss

I would really like a night to go out and have a drink and probably get a little bit drunk (only if its safe to do so) as i havnt had a drink for over a year! I've read 2-3hours after drinking i can start breastfeeding again is this true? i plan on having a few bottles in the fridge to last me until noon the next day would that be enough time for it all to be safe?

Im confused, and also are there such things that you can test you breast milk with to check alcohol levels?
There is a product called Milk Screen which tests alcohol in breast milk. It tests to a low level- 0.02%, which is considered safe. I bought it from a Baby on a Budget in Perth but has the stockists in Australia and NZ and also how it works. It cost $14.95 for 3 tests.

I went out and drank 3 glasses of wine in 3 hours. (My daughter was fed once with expressed milk while I was away.) When I came home I expressed from both breasts and tested the milk and had to throw it out as it was way over. I did feel a little tipsy still. I drank several glasses of water and had a muesli bar before I went to bed to help metabolise the alcohol.

About 3 hours later my daughter woke up for a feed and I tested the milk and it was fine so I fed her. At this point I didn't feel drunk anymore.

The test was worth it as I now know roughly how much I can drink before it will affect her.

If bubs is under 12 weeks, which I think yours is if I remember from a post you did in the sleep section, then I personally wouldn't. Babies under 3 months don't metabolise alcohol as well as older babies due to their immature livers. I rarely drink anyway, but even when I was bf I didn't have my first drink until DS2 was 3 months. I found I needed LESS drinks to feel "tipsy" than I did pre pregnancy but I never drink to get drunk anyway.

This talks about alcohol and bf and the general consensus is that in older babies waiting 2-3 hours between a drink and a feed is ok and that if you are sober enough to drive then you are sober enough to bf. We all metabolise alcohol differently however so it's hard to say but if you had your last drink at say midnight then noon the next day should be fine. You should pump for your comfort and to ensure supply but though you might want to dump the milk, pumping and dumping doesn't actually metabolise the alcohol faster as some believe it does.

I didn't drink for the first 4 months or so, then had my first glass after she went down one night when we were on holiday. Now she's 6 months and I have ocassional glass with dinner and I pump instead. I keep track of how much I drink with Standard Drink Company glasses, so i'm fairly consistent. I wait 2 hours atleast after one standard drink, before feeding or pumping.
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