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Is only feeding by expressing bad? Lock Rss

WOW what a terrific effort Mellimoo82!! I would either contact the Breastfeeding association OR a lactaction consultant. I saw a lactaction consultant at the hospital twice because my DS3 would not attach correctly -- first time he was only 10 days old. She was very helpful and gave very practical and useful advice. He is now 8 weeks old and I think he is just now beginning to latch on correctly for most feeds. I bf my DS1 until he was one and DS2 until he was almost three so the thought of me giving up this early in the piece was hard so that is why I seeked help early on like you are doing.

If he comes off when I know he hasn't had enough I just keep putting him back on. He does take a fair bit of air most feeds and has a vomit every now and again, sometimes a HUGE one but is gaining weight. He was 4745g at birth and today he weighed in at 6130g.

You must be tired expressing for every feed. How does she go with the morning feed if you weren't to use a bottle?


Nope, it's not bad, bub is still getting your milk which is so good for him!

The things to watch out for are...

It takes 6-8 weeks to really establish your milk supply. To do this, in general, bub needs to be feeding well and often. It sounds like your bub is very satisfied with what he's getting via a bottle. BUT...a pump is never as efficient at milking your breast as a baby it - your boobs know the difference (even when bub is having trouble latching on and sucking properly). In these early days, there's the risk that your supply will end up diminishing because of this. Breastfeeding is a supply = demand relationship; that is, the more milk is taken from your boobs, the more milk your boobs will make.

Also, babies, especially really young ones, need to suck a lot, not just for food, but for comfort. But they can generally empty a bottle quicker than they can a boob (it's just easier) and they can keep sucking at a bottle after their hunger has actually been satisfied. They still feel the need to suck, and so they do. Technically, you can't overfeed a baby on breastmilk...but bottlefed (expressed milk or formula) babies just about always drink more quantity-wise than babies who feed directly from the boob, even if they don't need to.

Have you tried feeding in different positions? Some babies prefer, say, the football/underarm position, or to be fed while mum is lying down, or some other way that perhaps requires a little more creativity but allows them to attach better for whatever reason. As the PP said, contacting the Australian Breastfeeding Association or the La Leche League, or a qualified lactation consultant, could be really worth your while for helping to restore and long-term maintain a good breastfeeding relationship. They can help with how your bub is positioned, attaching and sucking, to teach both you and him how to get it right. Breastfeeding is usually quite easy - but only once you and bub have worked together to learn how to do it (that's the info that many mums often miss - they just hear "breastfeeding is easy" but don't realise that neither us mums or our bubs come complete with perfect knowledge of how to do it!).

Hope this helps, and all the best with your bub!

Kirsten smile]


Im expressing and have been doing it for a month now, my milk supply is increasing also, you just need to pump often, i started out every 3 hours and now do this every 4-5 hours and am getting more than enough for my little girl. She decided from the start she wasnt interested in breastfeeding and was losing weight quickly plus dehydrating herself and so the best thing for her (and me - i was so depressed and every feed was a battle of wills with me ending up balling and her screaming). I supplimented her feeds with formula to start with so two expressed milk feeds to one formula and she is thriving, she put on 400grams in the first two weeks after i started and she is a much happier baby, plus it takes the guess work out of what she is getting fed.

People hate to talk about not breastfeeding but there are so many people out there that it just doesnt work for, I saw a lactation consultant and about 20 different midwives in the hospital and nothing worked for me. I wil probably switch to full formula after about 3 months but for now I have a happy and healthy baby and a less stressed out me smile

Good luck and remember any amount breastmilk you can get into your baby is good, but dont stress about it.

[Edited on 20/01/2009]

Hi there. Congratulations on your LO. Getting breasfeeding right can take a bit of work, and sometimes you just need the right type of help. Try the suggestions ABA or another lactation consultant as PP have mentioned.

However, a friend of mine who had her baby a week before me could not breastfeed from day dot. She had milk but baby would not attach no matter what she tried. She expressed right from the start exclusively for 6 months and her baby thrived. She switched to formula at that age and was happy with her accomplishments. Bloody fantastic if you ask me. So no, it's not bad for your baby to only get expressed milk if they can't attach. But the most important thing is that you are happy and relaxed and enjoying your baby. If you are happy expressing, then express. If you want to try to get bub to attach properly then seek help. If it's all too much then formula is the next best thing.
i expressed for 5 1/2 months with a manual pump. it can be done! yes it is hard work, but i didnt enjoy bf, so it was my middle ground!

There is a thread over at the Australian Breastfeeding Association that is support for women who express only. Women chose to do this for a few different reasons, and you will definately get some help and tips and support over there!
im doing the same thing at the moment, my baby is only 1 week on and wasnt attatching properly so my boobs are really sore, so ive decided to express feeds for her and once my bobbs are better i will attatch her back on. i think its great to stick to breast feeding, doesnt matter how they get the booby milk.

i couldnt feed my last two for very long so this time i really wanna stick to breast feeding, i really enjoy it, the only thing is that it takes time after you have fed bubs then to express milk.

good luck, but sounds like you doing well.

izacc,ethan and mya

I have been expressing for 3 months now as my baby has had silent reflux and I only just found that out, she wouldnt take the breast. I too thought I could just express the whole time and you can, but......
First make sure your baby doesn't have reflux or any other medical condition that may be preventing her from feeding from you.
My nipples have been fine but i wet them with breastmilk prior to pumping, I found an electric pump better.
After my experience with expressing...I wish I could just breastfeed! It is fun at the start but it gets to be a chore and you need lots of room for storing the breast milk. Also when you are out and she demands food...she's screaming and you need to get out your milk and warm it...a minute seems like an hour!

The storage containers are expensive and frozen breastmilk does not keep the nutrients and antibodies as well as fresh. Sterilizing is fun at the start...but becomes a chore also! I spend most of my freetime expressing and sterilizing!

I advise to persevere trying to breastfeed, find out why she is not attatching properly, there may be a good reason as it is only early for you! It may be too late for me!

Good luck!
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