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Dreamfeeds??? Lock Rss

Hi all

we have just tonight started the Tizzie Hall SOS routine and have just given DS his dreamfeed, just a question though!! Do we at this feed change his nappy or not? DS is normally a very good wetter and we are concerned that even if he doesn't wake for a feed he may still wake for a nappy change!!

Help do i change his nappy or not, i cannot find the answer anywhere in the Tizzie Hall stuff..

Also have many people had success with this routine?



Hi Tara,
I found when I did the "Rollover/Dream feed" at 10.00pm with my 2 boys I never changed their nappy. It tends to get them out of that deep sleep which defeats the purpose of the drewam feed.
If he tends to wet thru try putting Pilchars or some sort of pants over the nappy to prevent leaking and try to use Hu**ies at night as they seem to be the most absorbent.
Hope this helps.
Mel smile

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

I really dont understand how this dreamfeed is meant to work.. this is the routine of my 5 and a half week old..(mind u i dont feed in routine, i feed on demand, but this is how is panned out)

630am,930-10am, 1230-100pm,330-400pm,6-630pm 930-10pm,12am

his feeds aer around those times.. he usually sleeps straight after a feed on the morning feeds.. and in the afternoon from lunch till about 4.. then hes awake from 4pm till midnight.. he jsut doesnt seem to want to settle.. mind you the other feeds i mentioned when he does actually sleep, it takes an hour + to settle him.. and then he sleeps for only 20mins at the most, he seems to be sleeping so lightly.. his trouble times are after dinner. he just does not want to sleep and nothing makes him settle, i mean nothing,and he seems to feed on top ups of 50ml every hour and isnt satisfied till 11pm-1230am, SOME nights hell sleep through till 6am.. other nights hell be awake again at 2:30 and then at 430.. how am i meant to do a dreamfeed if hes already awake? and do you all think this is an ok routine hes in??
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