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Swaddles vs Wraps vs Sleep Pods Lock Rss

Hey, I'm currently pregnant with my first baby (due in June), and am just starting to look at bedding/sleeping items.
With your newborn did you prefer using wraps, swaddles or sleep pods? I quite like the idea of the Love To Dream Swaddles, but was also thinking I should probably just wrap and like the look of the Cocooi Babywraps.
My baby girl started off in a wrap but she eventually found her way out of them after a few months! They get pretty wriggly haha. We switched to swaddles and she sleeps a little more soundly I find.. she's 1.5 now and sleeps fine in her little onesie sleeping bag.
Heya, I used muslin wraps and the ergopouch swaddles which are similar to the love to dream. I did have a couple of love to dream but they would rub on his chin and I preferred the ergo ones. The zip up ones would be great in winter to keep Bub warm and they can’t wiggle free

Hey ladies, I'm new to this forum. I was suggested to sign up here by a friend. And it looks she did some good deed to me. Yours is the first post I read. And honestly... I'm overwhelmed. It amazed me. How you are asking and telling each other such minor details. But they still feel cute. They bring smile to everyone's face. Yeah it might the diminutive syndrome (My own created state). And it seems I'm the only one suffering. Haha! Best of luck with the June-due baby. Love xx
Thank you for the suggestions! I ended up buying some of the Cocooi wraps as they were on sale, and my mum bought a love to dream swaddle as a present. Might look at some of the ergopouch ones though
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