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Hi, so my son is only 7 days old and he loves to suck. I have given him a dummy to see if it helps settle him but should I let him sleep with it?
My son is now 6 months old and has slept with a dummy from the first day he was born. You'll find he will probably sleep better with it, and he will just let it fall out when he doesn't want it. It's totally safe, the dummy's are too big for them to choke on and get physically in thier mouths (like the whole thing) they are made that way for that reason. My son loves his dummy. They're great.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend dummy/pacifier in newborn, especially if you’re breastfeeding.
If you are breast feeding and still want to try a dummy, Avent make very natural feeling dummy's called soothies. They are very much like a nipple, my son wouldn't take to them as I guess they felt too much like a nipple and he is bottle fed so he didnt like the natural shape of the teet. So I just have him on regular Avent dummy's. There's nothing wrong with giving your baby a dummy while they are newborn, even though they are babies they can tell the inference between the boob with milk and the boob with no milk.
It's just soothing for them. They are great baby shushers too lol

I dont find it to be an issue with my daughter even though its encouraged too much by other people, but if they have a hard time settling or are sucking thumb too much then it leaves you know choice.
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