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6 week old- Naps during the day. Lock Rss

My 6 week old little boy has been sleeping well at night for the past month. He'll sleep for blocks of 4-6 hours at night then wake for a feed and go back to sleep. He's sleeping in his bassinet in our room and after I give him a feed I put him down asleep, about 5 mins later be wakes up and resettles himself to sleep. During the day is a different story. He'll go to sleep while I feed him but as soon as I try to move him to nap anywhere else he wakes up screaming, so then I give in and to let him have a bit of a nap on me. But then it's so hard trying to get things done. During the day he doesn't nap for over an hour at a time. Any advice on getting my baby to nap in his cot during the day would be much appreciated. Thanks.
My son was just like that at that age (and beyond), was a good excuse to sit and rest but was really frustrating not being able to do anything. I would suggest getting a sling or baby carrier (we love our ergo baby) and just keep trying to put him down every few days or so. He will eventually be happy sleeping on his own. I think they just like the familiar smell and sounds to begin with.

And beach mummy, I know how you feel. It's so funny how you get so many offers to look after the baby, but none for anything that would make a real diffrence. You would think these people who have had babies of their own would be bit more understanding of what would really help. Letting the sleep deprived mummy rush around tidying up while you quietly sit enjoying the baby is just plain mean.
my son was like that at that age. plunket gave me a few tips, told me not to let him fall asleep on the breast, or if he did i would wake him up and swaddle him, put him down semi awake and pat/shush him to sleep. also, i wouldnt keep him up longer than an hour. so he'd wake, quick feed, bum change, little play and after 45 or so minutes we'd go sit in the darkened bedroom, have a quiet feed and put him down. within two days he was sleeping well during the day again smile had to be the most tiring and challenging time for me so far, especially being a single mum. good luck and take all the support you can smile
My 10 week old son still doing the same for me. Sleeps in 4/5 blocks at night but only 1/2 hour at a time during the day. I vaguely remember my daughter doing something similar at this age but wasn't sure if I implemented a routine to change this behaviour or if she just grew out of this stage. As nice as it sounds to sit all day and cuddle your little one, it can be frustrating...
My son did this for 4 months. It drove me crazy but now looking back was such a small period of time. Invest in a good sling or carrier to help get housework and other tasks don. Try and get out of the house so you don't go crazy. When bubs is older maybe think about trying to teach him to self settle. Unfortunately my son wasn't a great day sleeper and still 14 months later is lucky to sleep longer than 1 hour at a time. Be patient they are just little and soon you'll look back on this time and miss it.

My daughter was the same right up until about 12 weeks. She is now 4 1/2 months old and generally only sleeps for 45 minutes at a time (my husband is amazed what I can get done in this time). However, I only have to get up once during the night now so a small price to pay. I used our sling a lot (we have the manduca which is awesome). Initially, I also had her bassinette in the loungeroom with me so we were always close. This also helped with her getting used to noise and understanding day from night. The other thing I tried which worked quite well was leaving a top I had worn in her bassinette. I mainly did this if I had someone looking after her and it worked.

The most frustrating thing for me was all the different advice I got. It was all great advice but so many different things to do I ended up a bit confused as to what was best for bub. So, I trusted my gut and followed my daughters lead. It has all worked out well for now.

Change him into his pyjamas

Make his bedroom as dark as you can. I always used blackout blinds, which always worked helped my child go to sleep.

Read him a story, which they love at a very early age or just cuddle and rock for a few minutes

Possibly consider giving a small feed at this stage to settle him (either breast, bottle or cup depending on the age).

Then tuck him in, say goodnight and close the door (they are not frightened of the dark at this age).


Go into him afterwards 10 minutes. Don’t aces him up and accumulate your alternation to a minimum. You can achievement his head, or aback for a few abnormal and again leave the room

Repeat every 10 account if you charge to.


If he’s still not acclimatized and he’s burst again get him up, abode him into his car armchair or pram, or annihilation abroad that he will commonly go to beddy-bye in, and let your babyish beddy-bye until the blow of his naptime. However, one affair I absolutely wouldn’t advance you resort to is absolution your babyish go to beddy-bye on you as you will be authoritative a actual ample rod for your back. Don’t let him oversleep contrarily you’ll accept agitation accepting him to bed in the evening.

The key to establishing any accepted is bendability as harder as it feels sometimes, abnormally if it doesn’t plan the aboriginal time.

My son was the same around this age, it was a great excuse to do nothing but drove me bonkers after a while. I ended up buying a baby bjorn and popping him in that, he didnt particularly like it at first but after a few tries he learnt how to fall asleep in it and although now he will go to sleep anywhere, I still use it constantly
Get a swing! My son had all his day sleeps in the swing from 6 weeks to 5 months old. I didn't have trouble getting him out of it either when the time came. Just every now and then I would try putting him down in his cot until one day he didn't fight it. He had proper naps in it too (1.5 - 2 hours) not 40 min catnaps.

I had a Fisher Price Cradle Swing. Once he wasn't sleeping in it anymore during the day I raised it from reclining to sitting position and he used it as a place to play or to keep him entertained while I was making dinner etc until he was 13 months old. It took up to 11kg. So definately got my money's worth.

Do you have a swing? i found this to be a way to help bubs settle but also if you dont have one (as we didnt at first) if your bassinet is on wheels i used to push the baby around with me whilst i did the housework! LOL she LOVED it, if i went from room to room i just wheeled her a long and she never made a peep! She was happy with the movement even it wasnt constant and i just made sure she was nice and cuddled up in bed!
Good luck but also sometimes its nice to just cuddle them and let the housework go! They get so big and then falling asleep with you becomes a thing of the past! smile

Oh yes! The battery operated swings as well as rockers worked wonders for my twins when they were newborns. I turned on the switch and it would vibrate them to la la land. Young babies need that assurance that we are close by so if I knew I would be in the ktichen for the next hour, I will have them in that space with me.

Isn't it 'funny' how babies don't mind noise? The moment we sit down with a cuppa tea, they wake up?! Funny that.


we have been lucky with our wee girl she has been a great sleeper since day one. we have to take her out of the bassent after 6 weeks and put her in the cot and since then she has been sleeping through the night. that and we were not quiet around her when she slept and that made a huge difference to her sleeping too. what we do also is not fall into the always getting up and cuddling her when she winges. we get up once, check her and do everything and give her cuddles if she still screams she is trying it on we let her cry and within a min she is alsleep cos we dont give in to her
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