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Settling bub at night...any suggestions? Lock Rss

Hey mum n might remember me from being the one that posted in the baby name section. My partner wanted to call our son Kaos..well I had him 11 days ago and lucky enough 2 days later we settled on a name..and no it wasn't Kaos smile We settled on Lachlan which was good!

Do any mums have any advice on settling baby at night?? I have noticed that bub is quite good during the day...he sleeps all the time..but come night time he seems to be a bit restless. Mind you though, 11 days into his wee little life...he seems to be sleeping through already!!! Which is GREAT! He has his last feed around 9:30 - 10:00 p.m. and doesn't wake up until about 6:30 am...but getting him down is the major part..he just seems to be wide awake come his last feed.

If any mums have any advice it would be great to hear!!!


I give bub feed bath last feed then sing a lullaby and sleep. It still takes him about 20mins to settle and i have been told its normal for bubs to cry when trying to sleep. If your feeding him that late best to try a dream feed which u can do between 10 and 11 and dont wake him just feed him while he is asleep.
lucky u for getting a full nights rest!!
Hi. My bubs is 7 weeks old and we had the same problem at night. We now give her a bath, with Johnsons bedtime lotion in it, thengiv her a feed and then within 1 hr, she is sleeping. Her last feed at night is at 9pm and she sleeps until 6.30am - 7.30am. Ps, also try giving your baby a massage with oil after bath to relax him. hope this helps!

I found my little man doing the same. He settled fine during the day on his own (I always put him in his bed awake to self settle), but for some reason come night time he would just scream and have to be rocked or bum patted off to sleep. I got over this after a while and decided to perservere with the same routine as the daytime, put in bed awake. It took about 3 nights but now he finally goes to sleep on his own without all the fuss. And I also decided to be very strict with having his bath time around the same time every night, I think having a set routine worked (in my case anyway). Every bub is differend...

Hello it is not easy to settle a baby.

After he has a feed go and change his nappy and then put in a warm blanket,wrap him up.
Does he like to be rocked to sleep?
If so,try to walk around and put him to sleep or if have a rocking chair try that.
Try over your shoulder and try differnt ways.

Are you local like caboolture if so there is groups like a committe cuppa on wednesday mornings and wednesday afternoons.


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