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My little man is 10wks old and is a horrible sleeper- during the day, generally at night he is fine sleeping 9pm till 5am waking once and sometimes going back to sleep after a feed at 5am.
My problem is the daytime - he will only sleep in the swing or someones arms, i have tried the cot but he only sleeps for 30mins max and today he refused to even sleep that long so i had to put him in the swing to sleep. My question is (obviouly he can't do this for much longer and its far to noisy out in the lounge with 2 other kids) should i just let him cry to sleep or should i keep doing what i am doing for a bit longer and if so how much longer??
He also has reflux and is on losec (for about 2wks) for that and is alot better since being on it, will he just get better sleep wise once the he has been on medication for a bit longer?
You'd think with 2 other kids i would know but i am just as confused with this dilema as i was when i had my first!!

Hi Renee-Lisa here from the meet. How have you been?
I love your sig- all your kiddies are so cute smile
Now, I'm not sure if I have helpful advice, but Jennika was EXACTLY the same- well worse really, because she would only sleep in my arms! It was tortue. Having breakfast and a shower at 4 in the arvo when dh gets home.
Anyways, I got sick of it! What I did, was slowly wean her. First, I let her sleep in the pram and I would rock it (I couldn't rock my bassinet). Then after a couple of days, I let her sleep in the pram without rocking it. Then, when she was getting the hang of not being in my arms and not being rocked, I started putting her down awake in her bassinet.
Now, it worked for me, but every bub is different.
She still self settles, but it can take between 10 and 45 mins. I just persist with re-tucking and putting the dummy back in. She does also sometimes only catnap, so I just persist with re-settling until I can tell she's not going back down.
I hope your little man starts sleeping soon for you smile
Hi and thanks Lisa, he is such a stubborn little thing, but will try your idea and see how we go. He is so different to my others that i am a little lost on how to handle him, i have a feeling i should just throw all the rules etc out and let him go with the flow but i really don't want to do that but think its the way he is going to be, if that makes sense. lol

my second DS has broken all the rules!! i find myself doing things i said i never would!! i thought my first was the bad sleeper, WRONG!! DS2 is the worst catnapper (from 20-45 mins only). i have used all settling techniques, and have just come to the conslusion that it isnt worth the stress of having to 'fix' him now, just do what i have to and worry about it later!! they wont be 5 years old and sleeping in the swing!!
so basically, go with your instinct. i am a very routined person, and luckily DS1 fell into a good routine early, but DS2 is at 12 weeks, and every day is different! so i am just abandoning my stress and going with the flow!! and dont listen to the 'experts'. some children are 'normal', feeding 4 hourly, 2 hours between feeds etc. while others just dont!! i have one of each, and by the sounds of it so do you!! itis no reflection of parenting skills, like adults, children are people with different personalities and needs.
good luck, i hope things get better!

ooohhh im the best one for answer that question. My DS has just turned 9 months and when he was younger he too would only nap in a swing. In the swing he would nap for hours and hours. He is a big boy though and was quickly growing out of the swing and i was stressing about what i was going to do when he didn't fit anymore.

At 6 months i decided that it was too dangerous for him to be in the swing because he was too heavy. So i moved him swaddled to his cot and gave him his dummy and waited for the screaming... it didn't come. Yes he catnapped for a few days, then the naps got longer and longer and he would happily self settle and sleep for up to 2 1/2 hours. Just yesterday at 9 months only did i put him down without a swaddle and dummy thinking that was the next problem to overcome and for 3 naps now he has been asleep within 5 mins.

So it will happen when bub is ready. My way of thinking is that i keep him in the swing as long as it is safe or he wants and enjoy the good naps now because when he grows out of if you can tackle the problem then... if it is a problem at all as mine turned out not to be.

Good Luck!!

Reef is 10 weeks today and a chronic cat-napper!!
Same as your boy, only sleeping during the day in half hour or so blocks!
I know how you feel, but I dont know how to help... I figure if he's sleeping well during the night (bed at 7pm, waking at 3am then back to bed till 6.30am) then thats what is most important to me!
I think babies will sleep as much or as little as they need to sleep, the only thing I dont like is that when he's awake its only for an hour or so and then he starts getting grumpy again!
So if you do figure out how to get him to sleep for longer periods during the day the let me know haha!
UPDATE- Branden is now sleeping in the cot during the day, although he is still catnapping - the longest he has slept in there in the day is 45min but he averages around 20mins each time. I have been playing the sounds for silence cd and sometimes it works and other times it doesn't and i just take him out and try again later. At the moment this is the best he does and i am trying to aim for longer sleep times in the cot. He won't resettle once awake so i think he just has to learn this. But atleast i am not rocking or putting him to sleep in the swing anymore.

Hi Renee

I have twins who actually sleep okay. My suggestion is to buy a Winney The Pooh cot night light with musical or something similar. I have one on each cot and when either bubs wake and complain, the nursery rhymes start to play automatically. The night light comes on and they are transfixed by the music and the light, I rarely have to go in as they settle themselves back to sleep.
Thats great news... I found that as time went on and DS got used to being in the cot then the naps got longer and longer. Didn't take too long either. DS is 9 months now and the other day he slept for 2 hour 45 mins. I was so proud smile

woohoo - ds slept for 1hr45min in his cot today, granted his other sleeps today have been in the car or swing but this is a HUGE improvement, i hope it continues!!!

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