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Help! a new mum with Sleep Deprivation! Lock Rss

Hi, my son is 5 weeks old tomorrow and is a shocking sleeper... most nights he only sleeps in 2 hour blocks, sometimes up for two hours at a time crying and just being generally unsettled... i have a feeling its a gas problem, but I try to burp him after every feed.. last night I think I got 3 hours sleep and the night before I think I got 5, and as you can imagine after 5 weeks of this I'm just about a nervous wreck... not to mention I have a 2 1/2 year old also so sleep during the day is non-existant..

Does anyone out there have any ideas as to how i can get my newborn settled during the night, any old wives tales or secret tricks that I am just missing?
Unfortuntely its just a matter of time

My DS was EXACTLY the same as you're describing for 7 weeks - I wanted to give him up for adoption!! lol

Now he sleeps 10 hours straight at night!

Good luck, and hang in there smile
you probably already do this, but wrapping is important. some babies like to be wrapped tight, arms down, arms up, it depends!! i bought a 'miracle blanket' as my DS2 liked to be tight wrapped because every other normal wrap he could escape, and as soon as he touched his face he wanted to feed! they also have that startle reflex for a few months. i love my new wrap, it is great!
also making sure they arent too overtired. and having a routine (eg. wrap, turn mobile on, say goodnight, leave the room) establishes good sleep practices. i also used babybliss (jo ryan) for my first DS as he was very unsettled ( make sure he isnt too hot, too cold etc. some babies like music or white noise in the background (dont like silence).
do you bottle or breast feed? if you breast feed he might be cluster feeding (normal behaviour, but time consuming!!) if you bottle feed maybe he is getting used to the formula (or maybe you should think about changing??).
but it is often just a time factor. dont be afraid to rock or pat to sleep if all else fails! dont worry about bad habits, just get him to sleep so you can get some too!!
there are certain products you can use for gas eg. infants friend, infacol, gripe water, brauer sell a range too eg. stomach calm, colic etc. but i would check with your gp or chemist to see which one best suits you.
good luck! it will get better (i have a 7 week old and a 2 1/2 year old too, so i know all about sleep deprivation too!!).

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