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How to feel sexy again? Lock Rss

Did anyone else have trouble finding your mojo after having a baby?
I had Annie 2 weeks ago and I can't find the energy to feel sexy.
I have good intentions to but I drag myself through the day and end up crashing at night..
Any tips of how to bring sexy back?
sexy underwear! oh and sexy talk lol
lol sexy talk works but I am still too lumpy to even try sexy underwear haha
Gee - only two weeks since giving birth? I wasn't in the slightest bit interested in sex then, give yourself a chance to get over giving birth and the sleep deprivation. (Bear in mind you should wait until the lochia discharge has finished)
Sexy underwear worked for me when I was feeling very unsexy and of course a back massage works to get you in the mood.
Get your hair done. It made such a difference for me after having DD. Also talk yourself up, you're a MILF now tongue
just wanted to add I agree with Nadz about the PJ thing.. making an effort to get dressed in something semi nice (but still practical lol) in the morning makes me feel better smile
I was even putting make up on some days, have gotten over that though!
hehe I best be getting out of my PJ's then tongue
And yes I need to have my hair done and maybe a few new clothing items just to make me feel less frumpy grin
I was going to say alcohol LOL

Maybe think how amazing you and your husband are to make such a lovely baby.
gosh 2 weeks post birth give yourself a break smile 2 years after having dd I was only juust starting to feel sexy and confident enough for myself to "make the first move" again (and looking back it was 99% of the time alcohol induced lol) although 2nd trimester of this pregnancy has fixed any probs in that department tongue
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