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Was the gestation correct?? Lock Rss

Hi all
I have a new 10wk old daughter that was born at 33wks and 3days but we question that. We had too many times in the pregnancy and after where the doctors questioned her gestation but the big one for us was her weight. Annabelle was born at 3035g and for 33wks thats big which would make sense had my blood sugars been too high (I'm type 1 diabetic) but throughout the pregnancy i was very low in sugar and hypoing a lot. Which tells us that Annabelle was born at full term and small. So we're pretty sure we got to full term or very close.
I went into hospital saying she was ready to come and they had already noted that at around 32wks she had gone into the birthing position and sure enough the day after i went into hospital i started contracting. Doctors don't always know and know your body helps.

I don't think it'd be likely for a doctor to think you were only 33 weeks when you were actually full term.

If you had proper antenatal care during your pregnancy I'd be very surprised. If you had a 12 week scan they're accurate within a few days and even a scan at 20 weeks should be accurate within a week or two.

If you didn't know when you last ovulated and had no scans (particularly first trimester) then maybe it's possible they were massively out.

Congrats on the new bub.
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