Facebook: Gastroschisis Support New Zealand

Greetings all
My darling daughter (now 7), was born with Gastroschisis.
She had life saving surgery only a few hours after she was born to put her entire bowels (the most sensitive organ in the body) inside a tiny 1cm gap. ( I got one tiny cuddle before she went in to surgery, and 6 days later I got my first real cuddle with her). The surgeons managed to do this successfully in one go. The first week was touch and go, and we nearly lost her twice, once being due to the hospital bug. We were in NICU for the first 6 weeks. I finally managed to take her home at 8 weeks. 7 years on, she is one tough warrior Princess!!! Anyway, I have setup a support group for NZ'ers & their families who have been through this, who would like support, advice and to talk to others who understand. THE LINK IS ON FACEBOOK - GASTROSCHISIS SUPPORT NEW ZEALAND. I feel it is vital to set up an awareness for those in New Zealand (or nearby). I was so alone when I went through this and I would love to support others on their journey with gastroschisis smile