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Scan gone wrong.. Lock Rss

Hi, I had four scans misread at a radiology clinic in Auckland and my child was born with a disability & defects & after the scan report being reviewed it appears that it should've been picked up by the sonographer/radiologist - I'm just curious - has anyone else had a bad experience with misread scans? ..
I am sorry this has happened to you. I have a happy ending so I can't compare, but I had a misdiagnosis from the 18 week scan - told bub had a 2 vessel cord, which led to another scan at 28 weeks which told that yes, cord was 2 vessel plus there were huge cysts also on the cord. Because of this we got sent for specialist scans which also diagnosed a mass on the cord as well!!! All these things pointed to chromosomal abnomalities, plus the risk of sudden death due to the mass maybe occluding blood supply to the baby. So, we had weekly scans for 6 weeks, where we had to travel a substantial distance, twice weekly CTGS at our local hospital, and then baby induced at 37 weeks, which wasn't fun....and guess what?? Normal cord in every way. No cysts, no mass, and 3 vessels.
So, unltrasounds are good, but they are limited in what they can tell you obviously. We had huge stress for weeks, but with a good outcome we can't complain.
You can make a complaint to the clinic where you got your scans from and by law they do have to follow them up. You sound as if you need someone to talk to you can approach you GP and ask for counselling, It is so hard when you find out that that long awaited baby is not what you thought you were getting especially when they have health or disability its a lot to process.
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