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Breastfeed/EBM with bottle prem baby Lock Rss

Hi there,

We've recently had a 27 weeker. Little Harriet was born at 1013 grams in October 2012.

I'm struggling with the breastfeeding and/or bottles with expressed milk issue whilst in hospital. Its very difficult to do the breastfeeding in a hospital.

Anyone else had this issue?
I thought with babies that young that they couldn't actually suck so you couldn't breastfeed??

What issues are you having exactly your post is very vague?

Forever, for always and no matter what

She was born in October and is now 9 weeks old. We have been breast feeding for a couple of weeks and I find it very difficult to do in a hospital where there are up to 8 other babies and other parents in the room. Drawing the curtains doesn't block out all the noise and I find it very difficult to concentrate on the task. We will be in hospital until she had been able to feed for 24 hours without the feeding tube. Its very stressful to be living in a hospital for an extended period of time.
Thats great that you've been able to breastfeed her, congratulations.

Could you maybe use an ipod and have the earphones in your ears with some relaxing music to help you get in your zone while breastfeed??

Other then that i'm not much help.

Unfortunately I know all too well about being in the hospital it just isn't like home.

Forever, for always and no matter what

Axiom wrote:

Maybe get an iPod and put some relaxing music on?

Snap. Haha axiom we must have been writing at the same time smile

Forever, for always and no matter what

Can you feed in the nursery?

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Oh gosh this brings back memories! Don't know if I can be much help as we never really got there in the end, maybe my experience can help with what not to do? lol

DD was born at 28 weeks (an October bub too smile ) and it was almost 4 months before she was strong enough to breastfeed (and even then we had trouble). We used a "haberman" bottle (medela make them), which are much easier to drink from and are designed to reduce "bottle suck" as well as allowing bub to regulate their own milk flow. In the beginning she'd tire quickly in the beginning and the nurses would tube-feed her anything she didn't drink but slowly she'd take more and more. We did a system of breastfeed, then ebm, then tube feed (depending on how much she'd taken)

I never managed to get her to breastfeed fully and (as you can imagine) essentially feeding 3 times at every feed, plus expressing and all that goes with it (particularly once she was home and I was doing it all on my own) drove me crazy!

Much of the problem I think was that she just had no idea what the bottle / breast is for. They lack the rooting reflex and feeding instinct of a term bub so when they get upset because they're hungry, they don't make the connection between that and the milk you're offering. All I can say here is hang in there, they do work it out eventually.

I guess my advice would be to prepare for hurdles, but be positive too. I've successfully bf 2 babies since then and looking back, I think I was so focused on breastFEEDING that it became a stressful time for both of us. I think lots of time at the breast (whether she is feeding or not) gives her time to learn to suck without pressure and to just enjoy the closeness and skin contact. If she's latching well then even a 2 min "feed" is a positive step forward. Ask the nurses if there's somewhere you can go, even if it's an unused meeting room just to allow her that time.

HTH and good luck!

Thanks for your comments, stories and suggestions. Might try the music idea. There is no nursery as we are in the special care nursery which is one open room. All you can do is put curtains around but as there are more babies to private areas; if there is several people all in there at the one time, you don't have a private area to use. The staff are really great but its very draining. I'm extremely grateful that they have the facilities that I can live there but I joke that the hospital bed I'm sleeping in will put me in hospital eventually!
Hi, Congrats on your bub, you sound like your doing great smile

My dd3 was born at 30 weeks and was in scn for 6 weeks. She started off on the feeding tube. I was determined she was going to breastfed like my previous girls. We got her feeding with no problems thankfully. Our scn had a seperate room you could express in. Sometimes there would be 3 of lined up on the electric pumps expressing at the same time. All mums in there are in the same predicament, they all understand. When we breastfed our babies by their humidicribs we didnt have curtains to pull around us, a comfy chair would be rolled over next to the crib, we would be made comfy and would feed. None of us felt weird about doing it. We were all in the same boat and all had to do it. Sometimes there would be hubbys/dads in there but that didnt matter. Try not to focus on whats going on around you, just focus on your special little miracle. Our scn always had a radio going so we had music to listen to. My 4th bub was 5 weeks early and spent 2 nights in the scn, she was breastfed as well, but didnt need the tube at all thankfully.

You have bub started on the breast so that is a fantastic start. Perseverance and patience will get you there. Just try not to worry about the people around you smile
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