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Where to get premmi nappies. Lock Rss

Hi all, I have a new little girl Ella Grace she was born 4lb 15oz. Just curious where I can find nappies to fit my little princess. I live in Brisbane.
Thanks mum of 3 cuties, I'll do that. She not a prem baby she was 1 day over just very small. Dr werent concerned until the day before her due date. Was very annoyed at them.
Thanks so much for you help my holy appreciated. And don't worry about thinking she's prem everyone does. Once again thanks.
Hi, my 3rd bub was 10 weeks prem and just over 3 pound. I found Huggies newborn fine, we just folded the top down. That is all they used in the special care nursey for the prems too.
My ds was 4lb 11oz and also had huggies newborn with the top folded down. That's what they used on ds in the SCN and we continued doing it at home for quite a while.
Huggies newborn folded down worked for my daughter who was 4 pounds 12 born. We ended up using them for a lot longer than the 'new born' period. Born 37 and 5 so not prem either just very small. I think due to my hbp but no one really gave me answers.
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