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My ex premies turned 5 last month.(August) Lock Rss

My daughter was born 11wks early @29wks 900grms she was one of the smallest premie that the Neonatal had. Because Breastfeeding didnt work out we were told that it was she was a high risk of dying of SIDs in the first year. She proved them wrong. Over the last 5yrs we have had a lot of Developement issues and we have had to do a lot of developement work with her to get her to catch up with her peers. Its been quite a challenge for my partner and I as we dont have a lot of family support since both is parents died his dad on her 1st birthday and then his mother before her 3rd birthday. My parents live in another town but both have health issues themselves. So we have done the best we can. When my daughter was 22mths we had another child and even though he was over due and I could only breastfeed off one breast it was hard to balance them both with feeding and doing all her developement stuff. He has had weight issues like she has but he also has glue ear and is waiting to get gromitts done. It has been a bit of a balancing act. Sometime I have felt like the worse mother in the world because I cant do it all but watching her turn 5yrs it was a huge as she has had asthma issues and with all the developement drama we have made big step and is now only about 6mths behind in her developement. Having a premie so early had meant we have a lot of people who deal with all the issues we have. Because in New Zealand they dont have to go to school until they are 6yrs old we decided that it was in her best interest to go to school yet. And because she isnt fully toilet trained it gives us time before next year to work on it. We have had to make really hard decisions and they havent always gone down with people and there was a big deal that we didnt breastfeed her but at the end of the day It didnt work out. We decided that because she turned 5yrs that we would get proffessionals photos to mark the occasions. Plus we are going to get a copy of her photo when she was born and my partner will take her and the photos into Neonatal so they can see how much she has grown. I refuse to do it as I dont feel comfortable visiting there after the drama over not breastfeeding I have been there a few times but never feel comfortable going there. Most of the Nurse's were lovely but there were a few that werent but even tho I dont feel comfortable going we wanted to mark the occasions with them to encourage other parents. I started my own facebook page supporting parents of prems because we felt the parents needed support as well but in our area there was not much support out there. But I am so stoked she has turned 5 and even tho it was hard to bond with her at first I just love her to bits and I am so proud of where she has come and is in the top percentile in height and weight and that something to celebrate
Hi Vania,

This was 12mths ago! How are you feeling now?
It was sad to read that you at times feel like a bad Mother. It is evident from your msg that you are very caring and loving.
Congrats on your little girl who would now be 6. I hope all the little aspects of life are working out for you all.

I know as women we tend to hold onto peoples comment's and disect them over and over until it becomes a big deal. At the end of the day some women breast feed, some formula feed and some bottle feed breast milk! Its not a big deal at all as long as our babies are being fed - Thats my opinion anyhow.

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