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I want to hear from mums of SCN/NICU bubs Lock Rss

My daughter spent 4 weeks in NICU as was born at 33 weeks and was 1.58 kilos. We found almost every nurse at NICU to be wonderful. The good ones were those who enabled us - taught us how to care for our daughter, and didn't belittle us for initially not knowing how to change a nappy in an incubator, tube feed her etc. they were so encouraging that within a few days we were doing all her cares for her ourselves, but knew a nurse was right there to help if needed, they also treated us with intelligence and explained why things were done in a certain way. They encouraged kangaroo cuddles and bonding, helping us to navigate the wires and monitors. If we had concerns or questions they raised them with the doctors in the rounds and took them seriusly. They made us feel like we were being good parents during a time when we felt pretty helpless. The very few nurses whose found less helpful told us off for doing things wrong, which shattered our confidence at times, or made us feel bad for wanting to hold our baby, when NICU encourages kangaroo care. Our NICU experience was positive, and when we got to take our wee girl home we felt confident as we had received such good training and support from the nurses.
Wow I've been really happy to receive all your responses. I'm listening and trying to take on board the positives and negatives you all experienced. It's been an overwhelming couple of weeks for me, learning so much as well as being confronted by how small and dependent these babies are and how much responsibility I have to them and their parents. I can't even begin to imagine if that is how I feel, how it must be to have your baby in that environment.

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Skubala thank you for taking the time out to find out what mothers in that situation need.

I know every person is different and has different needs but when my daughter was in SCN for 2 weeks - whilst the nurses were great I wish one of them had actually said to me "it's hard to have your baby here in SCN how are you coping?" I felt that everyone kept telling me she's premmie but she's fine - which is the truth but I still wanted someone to empathise with me and acknowledge that even though she is healthy ( which is the most important thing) it is still really hard for a new Mum to have their baby in SCN and also to have to leave and go home whilst their child remained in SCN.

So my advise to you would be even though a Mum looks like she is coping well, sometimes that's a fascade and it's good to acknowledge that even though their baby is healthy and will be fine in the long run, every second a Mum is without her newborn is torture to her.


My first (and only) was in NICU for almost 5 weeks (32 weeks) and it was really scary learning to be a mom in public like that, plus I didnt get to meet him until the next day and again, found that hard with so many people around. I didnt know anything about NICU before he was born so it was a real shock, and I found it hard to deal with being stuck in there with a healthy baby because they wouldn't let us out until he was breastfeeding every feed. Most of the nurses were great and I had a lot of support from my wonderful midwife and the lactation consultant there when it came to expressing and my milk supply so in that respect I was very lucky as I struggled with my supply being enough. The best nurses were on hand to help but let me do everything and didnt judge or tell me I was doing something wrong when it was just another way of doing something. They were encouraging and cared about me as well. If his routine changed, they rang me so I knew what time to be in and if it was quiet and I had a few people visit at once, they let them all in which meant a lot.

Expressing/milk supply issues is one of the hardest hurdles to over come, expressing every 2-3 hours at NICU (in the cowshed) then going home and expressing every 2-3 hours without a baby. You need knowledgeable nurses to encourage, give advice, lactation consultants and midwifes to encourage and try everything possible. Once that has been done and if it doesn't work, helping mothers through the guilt of not being about to breastfeed because it's not their fault but I think we all experience guilt so we need support through that.

Its great you care enough to ask in advance. I have a huge respect for nurses.
Just wanted to share not sure if you know about HEART FELT They are a organisation that offers special memories for parents/carers of premature, still born or seriously ill children. They have photographers located all over australia and there services are 100 % free! but i think it's some thing all nurses working in NICU / childrens wards should know about! so please check them out as it may come in handy one day smile good luck with your future thanks Sam
I was fortunate that my daughter was only in special care for half a day or so, but for us being bub number 4 we had never experienced this before so was very scary. My daughter had respiratory distress from a very fast delivery, and was taken straight around. I found the staff to all be wonderful, and they told us everything that was going on which was great.

Tell your mums everything you are going to do. Let the mums know that your bub may be a bit more sleepier than normal bubs, Don't expect the mum whether its is first bub or 6th that they know what they are doing. A premie is a whole other ball game. Breast feeding does not always work. Do not pressure a mum into making a decision on anything. Be honest in what your going to do. They kept heal pricking my daughter without my knowledge!!! (it makes me cry now still and she is almost 3).....I did not know and I wouldnt have consented at all!!!! The poor thing was so scared of having her heals touched for months and months. I actually want to know if I can complain about that. It wasn't right! Do not assume that when someone has health background/or knowledge that they know what is going on.


Sorry in tears over my experience.

World4mum1 you probably didn't realise that this is a very old thread you've replied too (since Skubala had been working in NICU and recently had a premie herself). If you click the 'Active' tab you will see all the current threads people are talking in atm across all the categories. Most ppl start threads in the general section but active will always lead you to the current topics smile Takes a bit of time to know these things wink

Skubs haven't seen you here in a long while. Hope both you, your little man and the rest of the family are doing well. I've lost the link to your blog so haven't heard an update in a while. I see it in your signature above so I'll have a peek across the weekend smile

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