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Ex 28 weeker (867 grams) wanting your help! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

My little boy Tom was born at 28 weeks weighing only 867 grams however is now a healthy one year old! We've just entered him in the baby bonds competition and would love you to click on the link and vote for him. It's quick and easy but could make all the difference!

Please put your email address in and then confirm your email otherwise it's not counted.
Many thanks for your time, it's much appreciated!

Regards Karen.
Congratulations on your bubs progress. Having a prem is a tough road.

Please be aware, however that there are many women on here who have genuine health / parenting concerns about babies who have had a rough start, and their posts may be lost amongst "vote seeking" ones such as these. Huggies have dedicated a specific section to this purpose. If you have posted there, there is no need to continue posting in other sections of the forum.

Good luck with your entry smile

Yes, I have my own health problems which is why both my children were born early. My daughter at 25 weeks (577gr) & Tom at 28 weeks (867gr). Both of them had long stays in hospital 5 months and had rough starts then both home on oxygen for months! I've posted on here in regards to different topics offering help & answering questions on the forums in the past. It's up to individuals if they choose to read, most people are happy to see little ones doing well. I feel I've helped a lot of people and here I was asking for a small favor in return.
Done!!! grin Good Luck!!

Done!!! grin Good Luck!!

Thank you, good luck for your little one too. smile
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