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babies born at 36 weeks.. Lock Rss

Hello, I had my DS at 37 weeks 5pound &14 ounces. DS was fine came into my room soon as I came out of recovery after emergency c section. Has little jandice. Was able to take home on 5th day we both had stay later. Due floods in our area 100kms away from hospital.

I'm sure you both will be fine.
Good luck. Enjoy holding your baby. In. Your arms.
I had my bubs at 35 +6 he was 4lb11oz (2.2kg) due to insufficient placenta. He was healthy but could not suck feed and was in SCN for 17 days with a nasal gastric tube. It can be hard when they have to go to special care but once your baby is at 36 weeks it is fully formed organs and all and is just putting on weight. Your bubs will be fine just might need some extra TLC, but I'm so thankful to the nurses in SCN as they got my bubs into a great routine and fought me all the basics I needed to know to be a great first time mum.
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