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prem baby clothes? Lock Rss

I had one at 29 weeks and found the teddy bear clothes at pumpkin patch fit her perfectly when she grew big enough to wear clothes.

Don't know if they still have them. They had these teddy bears that you could buy and had all the normal kids clothes in the teddys size so your child could dress it the same as themselves. The clothes were the same quality as the kids clothes.
Funnily enough the "prem clothes" they had were twice her size!

Also my mum sewed some little hospital gowns for her, they were the size of one of my hands. Gosh she was so tiny.

Pumpkin patch also do a "tiny prem" size too now.

Target, Kmart and most other stores stock from 00000, some 000000.

Hope bub continues to do well. x
you can buy 3 pound clothes at mothercare.
also, there are a few premmie clothing brands. One in particular, owned by a mum of a premmie, earlybirds. Lynda is very helpful. the clothes are gorgeous.
the chemists in maternity hospitals here in melbourne carry some different brands. when i had my prem bub, I couldn't find any, but now see them around which is great! (and it was only 4 years ago)
best of luck to your sister.
Best and less have a small range of preemie clothes
Hello for everyone,

maybe someone have tried clothes for premature babies from merino wool? Can you tell me are good for small baby? smile
I found GREEN ROSE clothes and I want to know about merino wool smile
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