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Prem- Early babies, subsequent births... Lock Rss

Hi, with my son my waters broke at 33 weeks & 6 days and I had him the following morning. No one knows why I went early! I am currently pregnant with my second and this baby has been given the benefit of the doubt that it will stay in to full term and I have been allowed to use the birth centre grin

I am now 35 + 5 and things are looking really good. I still freak out at any little twinge or ache but I just keep focusing on making it to at least 37 weeks.

I guess there really is no way of knowing if you will go early again unless it happens and if you do you will just have to make the best of the situation and stay strong. All the best, hoping you make it to full term!
My waters broke at 30 weeks with DD1 and she was born 2 days later by emergency C-sect. They cant give me a reason why, and couldnt tell me if it will happen again.

I am now 27weeks preg with DD2 (DD1 has just turned 7) and i am hoping she will stay put until my c-sect at 37 weeks smile Very scary not knowing, but i just try not to think about it and hope for the best. will let u all know how i go.
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