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Your Newborn's Health


Fontanelle closing to fast

Hi everyone my son is nearly 11 weeks old and last check to the doctors he said his skull is clos...

1 reply

Hi there, Our son was born with an extremly small fontanelle, and his skull had fused in certain places. It is a condition called c...


When can bubs go in the pool?

Hey! i have a 7 week old son and was just wondering when it was ok to take him for a swim in the ...

2 replies

Hiya, We were just discussing this in my mothers group. They recommend bubs waits til 6 months to use pulbic pools as they are 'f...


Mucous and sniffles?

Hi , my daughter is now 9 weeks old and has sort of had the sniffles twice. once at 2 weeks and ...

2 replies

my little man was always like that, I found by putting a vapouriser in his room a night, helpt heaps. I don't think you can ever be ...


seizures in newborns

i would like to talk to other parents whos babys had seizures as new borns due to blood spot on t...

1 reply

Hi Amanda, My little one had a seizure at 3 weeks old which scared the sh_t out of myself and hubby. Moniques eyes rolled backed, fr...