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Dribbling, but only 2months old! Teething? Rss

My son is 10weeks old tomorrow, and started blowing bubbles etc about a week ago, it has now turned to drooling. I rang plunket line last nite and they seem to think it's teething, it seems odd for this young age. He seems more unsettled, although he is usually colicky and unsettled anyway. He has also started spilling/vomiting after feeds although this does not seem to bother him, just interested to know if anyone else has/is experiencing this?
Around the 2 to 3mth mark bubs produce alot more saliva than they can swallow, so the dribbling maybe coming from that. Generally mums thinks bubs are starting to teeth at this age as they are also starting to 'fist' thier mouths as well, sucking on fingers etc.

Im not saying though that he isnt teething, as he may well be but i'd also be aware of these other causes of dribbling.

If he is teething, try a cold face washer for him to suck on.


Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

Yep its a normal thing, they produce so much saliva and until they learn to swallow it out it pours. My DD drooled like a fountain from the age of about three months and would saturate bibs very quickly, she only got her first teeth at 9 months.
That explains alot, as my daughter is 10 weeks and over the past few weeks she has been dribbling alot and sucking on her fist/fingers. I too thought she may be starting to teeth, but now I know it is just normal for that age, although I will stiol be keeping an eye out for any teeth...

my girl finally lets me sleeps at night, yaay

[Edited on 31/07/2007]
Like everyone else has said it may just be the fact that they have so much more saliva now days and have just learnt where there hands are hence them going in the mouth... My DD was a very young teether had her first 2 bottom teeth at 4 months... Ds got a bottom tooth a week or 2 ago but it has since gone back under the gum!


My DD has been doing this too!! Plunket nurse said it was teething though sometimes teeth move in the gums months before they actually cut but they still get the symptoms.
hey my little girl has been doing tha same thing but she is 7 and ahalf wks and been doing it since she was about 4wks, its not teething my midwife doctor said as they get older they perduce more saliver and make bubbles is all normal,but it doesnt hurt to check for teeth every now and then just they can start teething as every as 4months i think she said.
[Edited on 01/08/2007]
My daugher 10.5 weeks also does exactly the same... nice to know it's a normal thing... She blows bubbles, drools, vomits after a feed & she love sucking on her hand also. (tries to fit the whole thing in her mouth sometimes)!

Hello ChooChoo,

I have had two dribblers.
My DS1 was so bad we ahd to sew two bibs together with shower curtin in the middle. He got his first tooth at 5mths.

My DD, is almost 7mths and she started at 2mths too, she isnt as bad as my DS1 but she isnt far behind him. LOL

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I also experienced the same as you when my baby is 2 and a half months old. It's just so bad. My friend say it does happen in many instances. I use regular baby bibs but it seems that it doesn't work well and what's worst is every time the bibs gets wet I have to change new outfit, it is always happen. So I tried to use those reversible dribble bib but the absorbent one and fortunately it works so well. I don't change her outfit all the time anymore and less laundry.
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