DD is 5 weeks old and has been diagnosed with reflux and cows milk/soy protein intolerance. She is on losec and breastfed and i follow a strict dairy/soy free diet (my son had the same intolerance so I know what I’m doing in terms of the elimination diet).

Despite all of this she is still extremely unsettled and inconsolable for hours on end every day and night - she is never happy or peaceful. She is constantly waking due to wind. She farts constantly and seems to be in pain when doing so. I’m at my wits end, she sleeps in our arms only - day and night - we can’t go on like this. I don’t know what else could be affecting her. Colic?? (Whatever that means) or another unknown food intolerance???

Her nappies have been 100% mucous and blood free since eliminating dairy/soy from my diet (and I have also cut out egg). So if she was intolerant to anything else i assume her nappies would be showing signs of this??

I’d like to keep BF but not at the expense of a happy healthy baby - I can’t get this time back with her and I’m finding it hard to form a close bond with her because she is so upset all the time.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s experience or advice with unsettled babies. Is this typical colic behaviour? Will she just outgrow it? Could there be anything else affecting her? Is neocate truly the miracle formula that my paed claims it to be?

I spent one week at karitane last week trying to get answers with no luck. They have urged me to continue breastfeeding and said there’s
No guarantee that neocate will settle her down.

Please HELP!!!!!!