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  5. Desperately need advice.. 6 week old extremely upset after his first immunisations.

Desperately need advice.. 6 week old extremely upset after his first immunisations. Rss

My boy is usually the happiest lil boy, he had his 6 week jabs today and he is in terrible pain (I think) he has no temp but just screaming a lot and kicking his little legs in a funny way so I think that's what's bothering him, where they put the needles in, he screamed while they were doing it too, poor bugger, it's so hard to see my baby in pain, given him Panadol now he is asleep but is there anything I can do to help the pain in his legs? I'm sure that's what it is. Coz he has no temperature, it's a perfect 36.9 to 37.
Please help! I'm so stressed!! I want my poor baby better! sad

Probably not much help as don't really know what to do but my son was exactly the same with his first set of vaccinations. His legs were so sore DH was afraid to pick him up as he'd scream when people touched where the injections were. We just did regular Panadol which helped and tried not to touch the area. The 2 days after the vaccinations were the worst and then he pretty much got over it.

It didn't happen with his second set (obviously screamed when they went in but was happier after... Maybe because we anticipated he wouldn't feel well an gave him Panadol).
Pamol is good start. It's normal for some babies to be really upset and unsettled after their jabs. You could try a cool cloth on the injection sites, but don't rub them as that will make them feel worse. Also he may need a few more cuddles than usual. If you're BF then you could offer a couple extra feeds to sooth him.
Thanks for your replies, he was very upset most of the night last night even with regular Panadol but today he seems a lot happier, only a little grizzly nothing like last night, I'm hoping he is starting to feel better, I'm not breastfeeding but I have been giving him 20 to 30 ml extra formula feeds if he is really upset, it seems to calm him down, and he's been cuddled a lot more as of yesterday. But it's also hard to cuddle him coz I don't want to touch his legs and hurt him :/ it's such a hard thing as a mum to see your lil one in pain or sick. I didnt even give him a bath last night just incase the warm water stung on his legs!
I'm not looking forward to the next lot of immunisations, but it's better for him to have them, so I've just gotta tough it out lol

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