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Reflux and ostheopathic treatment Rss

Has anyone here tried ostheopathic treatment for their babies with reflux? I have a 6week old daughter who's suffering from reflux. She's crying most wake up time. Have a hard time swallowing when feeding. Crying in between and after feeds. Not sleeping well when we put her to bed. Always want to be held. Mostly sleeps on my chest or in my arms. Please help. It's so hearthbreaking to see her suffer like this.
Yes! We took our son at around the 3 week mark. It was brilliant. It didn't stop his vomiting, but it eased it in severity, and also seemed to ease his pain. Each time we went, we'd arrive with a tense, rigid baby, and take home a floppy baby. Huge difference.

He always fed quite frequently, but I have since learned that this can be true of reflux babies, as it helps to control their symptoms. He almost always fed to sleep at the breast.

Also recommend you try babywearing during the day - it would allow her to stay snuggled in to you, sleep comfortably, and hopefully suffer less reflux pain.
Hi is your baby formula fed? I have 2 year old that has never slept went thru same problem I recently had twins one had the same problem saw ped and finally was put on special formula after a week of this formula he is a different baby sleeps happy all time. Wish I knew this about the 2 year old but since putting him on rice milk he is much better. It may not always be reflux. Both my babies had all the signs of relux and were treated with medication but nothing not even chiropractic helped could it be protein intolerance.
Don't forget your baby is a newborn still and NEEDS to be held most of the time in order to feel safe and secure. Of course it's hard when you feel like you're tied to your baby all the time but as someone else suggested you could try baby wearing as that will free up your time a little and the motion of being carried upright should help settle her better. I did this with my DS who also had reflux and those first few months were hard but he outgrew it at around 7 months when he was spending most of his time upright. Sorry I don't know whether an osteopath would be able to help but there's no harm in trying.
Hi, sorry about the late reply. We have just gone through 4 months of reflux (my only baby with reflux) and Chiropractic care was amazing. I tried a number of things that you might also find useful.

1. Lying down to feed (if bubby is breast fed) and leave her attached as long as possible.
2. Making sure she is burped really well (sometimes this feels like it takes forever).
3. Buy a bouncer. I use a Fisher Price Forest friends bouncer and it has been a god send!! It has a vibrating mechanism which seems to help bring up wind and based on it's semi upright position, it helped reduce my son's vomiting.
4. Baby wearing!!!!!

Sometimes it feels like it never ends, but finally at 4 months, my son is finally starting to settle down.

I seriously cant emphasize baby wearing though...... free hands are amazing and you feel less "couch bound" if you know what I mean. smile

Good luck
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