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Jaundice - newborn, breastmilk or blood group incompatibility? Rss

Hi mums,
I'm a first time mum & would love some advice about jaundice? My son is now 8 days old, after being induced 1.5 weeks early because I had cholestasis, (a condition of pregnancy where my liver stops processing bile acids.) I'm not sure if that is a reason he might have jaundice now.

He has been checked by midwife and blood test of birilubin taken. Count is about 220. He is only yellow if face and in the whites of the eyes. I'm now sure if I should be worried at day 8 still?

Midwife said keep feeding every 3 hours but he is a slow/lazy feeder and I constantly need to tickle him to keep gulping.
Is jaundice a condition of newborn, my breastmilk, or blood group incompatibility. I'm o positive and I know if the baby is A or B blood group he can get jaundice from this and if left untreated can lead to problems with CB, brain, etc.

Any advice on how long before it goes away or when I should start getting concerned? He hasn't had any light therapy yet.


Sorry no-one has replied and the jaundice has probably all settled down by now - I hope so. 3 of my babies had jaundice and I would say it took at least 2 weeks for their colour to be normal. It's just something that can happen with newborns and it's all good as long as they wake and feed normally. If they become sleep and stop feeding it becomes a problem. Hope all is well with your little one.
Hi, congratuations on your baby boy! For term babies its normal for jaundice to be present and hopefully settling down by 2 weeks of age. Some degree of jaundice is pretty normal as newborn babies have relatively immature livers to clear the bilirubin, and their red blood cells (where the bilirubin comes from) are breaking down a bit faster after they are born. Many babies will mildly jaundiced without any significant issues from it, while those with more higher levels of jaundice may be symptomatic with sleepiness or poor feeding in particular. 220 is a reasonably high level, but for most hospitals I imagine is well off any phototherapy cut offs for treatment. If baby remains quite obviously jaundiced or is not clearly improving, it would be easy enough to request a repeat bilirubin to be done by your midwife to monitor his progress to ensure his level is heading in the right direction - plenty of feeding is a good way to go, as keeping him well hydrated is really important to help clear the jaundice. You're right to query the blood group, as there is a risk of haemolytic disease in babies who have A or B blood groups in mums who are O positive, so it would be possible to ask to check baby's blood group to see if this is a possibility for him. Where there is evidence of a haemolytic process from blood group incompatibility, the threshold for treating with phototherapy is often a bit lower, and they require a little more monitoring for the first few months of life to ensure their jaundice resolves and they don't get anaemic. If you're worried at any time though, just chat with your midwife or GP and hopefully they can reassure you or arrange the necessary investigations grin Best wishes with your new man! grin
Thanks ddon and love_my_munchkin.

Im releived the midwives think its not blood incompatibility. They said if that was the case he wouldnt have come home from hospital. But your right, worth checking his blood group.

I got a breast pump today to help my milk supply so i can feed him more. hopefully this will help. thanks again for all your advice and support
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