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Tongue Tie Rss

Hi there

M new to this so please help me.

well m not if my 3year old son has a tongue tie or not.

I have not seen my doctor regarding the tongue tie and no one ever told me it. my son did not have any problem being breastfed or eating solid foods. its just that he cant talk, we says bye and the but that's it. my husbands grandmother told us that he has a tongue tie that's why he it is affecting his speech.

can someone advise me what I should do and on doctors who do tongue tie snips?

hope some one is out there who can help me out.
If I was in your position I would take your son to a cosmetic dentist and see what they think, th3y should be able to tell you if he has one and if it needs doing.
I can recommend a dentist in Hamilton if u r in the waikato. They charge 250 for lasering lip and tongue tie.

5 of my children have had this and i decided to leave it. all were breastfed tilat least 9 months and no out of the ordinary speech problems at all other than normal age range developments. my children range from 1-10yo.
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