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Different colour eyes?? Rss


Does anyones baby have (or did have) different colour eyes? My 3 month old has one blue eye with a brown quadrant and one brown eye. They have been like this since he was born.

I'm just wondering how common this is, and if/when they might possibly change...
I knew a girl at school she had one blue eye and one blue eye with brown in it , and doesnt that actress Kate bosworth (i think) have the same ??
My sister (now 27) has two different coloured eyes. One eye is a green/grey and the other is brown (my mum and dad's eye colours). It is actually a genetic trait within our family line that appears to skip a generation. My grandmother's sister (my mum's aunt) was the one in their generation with the two different coloured eyes so it doesn't have to be in your immediate family line but there is a possibility that someone else within your/your partner's family has the same thing.

There is a proper medical term for it but I don't know what it is. Hope that helps.

My daughter is 9 months now with blue/grey eyes & a brown quadrant in the Left one. At her 6 week check, the paediatrician said it's a common thing, nothing really to worry about. But he'd like to have her eyes tested at 12 months. Photos of Maddie McCann show she has a brown quadrant in the right eye.
Hi just wondering if your babies eyes ended up changing or staying different colours. I have a 4 month old with one blue grey eye & one dark brown eye.
I have the exact same coloured eyes as your son. He's a special boy because it isnt very common. It wont change either he will have it all his life. Its called Heterochromia iridum. Here a link with info

I have constantly been asked all my life "do u know u have 2 coloured eyes?" He will have to get used to this lol.

Hope this helps.
Heterochromia... I read abou It... is often observed amongst cats, but seldom among people
My 9 month old son has two different coloured eyes one brown one blue exactly like his dad.
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