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Wind Problem with my 2wk old Lock Rss

I have a 2 week old that has a terrible wind problem, he just cant seem to bring it up... does anyone have any methods of bringing wind up?

I have tried changing his position as I burp him, gravity, feeding for 5 mins then burping but nothing seems to be working.
Gripe water worked the first time but not since.

Could it be colic? What are the symtoms?

Would appreciate any help!
My 3 week old is having a few issues with wind as well, i have him on inflac ( sorry can't spell it ) at the moment as that is all thats avaliable out where i am but i used infants friend when with my other girls which was brillant both are avaliable from the chemist.. But i found infants friend better ..
hi, my 7week old has bad wind problems as well, i tried gripe water, marina infant minture, beaures colic relief & i have him on infacol at the moment which seems to help him burp abit more. i was also having problems with hienz nurture & s26 gold formulas making him constipated and then i put him on normal karicare which made the wind worse & he started to become very spewy. i was advised to put him on a "lighter" formula as karicare is heavy apparently so im trying the normal hienz nurture & its day 3 and he seems heaps happier already smile so if bub is formula fed maybe look into that abit
My 3 week old baby is the same, and a friend advised me to give him a wind formula from a chemist in Toowoomba that's based on dill - they make it fresh for you as you wait.It is amazing, he just burps beautifully when I use it, and no longer has any pain - he used to scream and scream. Maybe talk to your pharmacist and see what they recommend. Good luck.
Have you tryed Infacol available from the chemist? I found that it has worked for our DS who also had wind problems also you can get Gavascon Infants for when bubs is a little older - ask your chemist as they should beable to advise if you can use on a younger bub or not. Hope this helps
My 4 week old bub is terribly stubborn about bringing up wind and I tried everything!

The one thing that seems to work really well is about 20mls of boiled water (warm... warmer than milk temperature) with a tiny tiny bit of brown sugar in it.
My midwife told me to try this and it works really really well.
A bit of water before he feeds and he brings up wind beautifully!
You could also try taking him to an osteopath or a chiropractor that specialises in childdren. Once they are all adjusted and straightened out they wind much easier. Apparantly there is a little area that gets really crushed during the birthing process and just clicking this back in allows for easy winding. My dd is just over 2 weeks old and has just had her 2nd chiro appointment. She was really difficult to wind and now all it takes is a couple of rubs. I am also giving her a probiotic powder which is helping her tum.
Good luck i hope you find something that works for you soon!

DS 2 1/2yrs

Stopping to burp often during a feed should help, some bubs don't burp, are hard to burp or just burping machines. You may have to try to burp bub often during a feed and for up to 15mins putting him in various positions eg over shoulder, sitting up, over lap.

Marina Infants friend is good at helping bubs get up wind it can be given straigh into their mouth before a bf or into a bottle if formula fed.
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