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immunisation links to autism Rss

In 2008 vaccines contain many animal products such as eggs and bovine cells. If you read a vaccine information insert (I can't remember which vacine, will have to look it up!!) it will say that it is UNLIKELY that mad cow disease can be transmitted through vaccines!! Pretty scary stuff!!
Of course adults can get childhood illnesses but if they get them as children when they are supposed to have them, the effects are not nearly as bad.
Your statistics on polio are not that different to mine(LOL) If you look at the history of polio it was already declining before the vaccine was introduced.
There is no doubt that some vaccines work. The question is at what cost to our childrens health?
If you look at the insert for the Hep B vaccine given to babies, the so called "immunity" wears off after seven years or so. So why give it to babies? Aren't high risk people drug users and people getting tattoos and having unprotected sex?
It's all about the almighty dollar! As asked previously, what agenda do you think anti vaccination groups are pushing? What do they have to gain from parents not vaccinating?
this thread is very interesting, im enjoying reading both sides even though im all for vaccinations, i love to read the against side too..

i love the post by kyles14 all those facts on those diseases and how they have been eradicated.

but, the OP. only i have answered that. when it comes to autism crohns and the MMR. theres no link what so ever. like i said i have first hand experience with crohns which i have and autsim which my son has, if use want to attack a drug or vaccine attack roche for their acne drug roaccutane.

use all seem "right in to it" like myself. so google this:

accutane and crohns
I just a question peggynbinby does your son have chron's also. My brother is autistic and has Chronns also.

hey em-aiden,
thats quite unusual that he would have both autism and crohn's. how old is he? crohn's and most other auto immune disease only effect women.. (80%)
which did he get first?
my son only has autism only.
and i know the cause of my crohn's.
and pretty sure i no what caused my sons autism.

what form of autism does your brother have and how old is he and which did he get first?

While these posts are old, it is important to be aware that the Anti Vaccination Network has been determined by the NSW Government to not supply accurate information on the subject of immunisation / vaccination. Parents are advised to not use that organisation when seeking information regarding vaccination.

Quoted: "The Australian Vaccination Network has not provided accurate information to parents about the risks and benefits of immunisation. Any link between the measles vaccine and autism has been conclusively discredited by numerous studies and reviews by credible experts, including the World Health Organisation, the American Academy of Paediatrics and the UK Medical Research Council.

In 2013, the NSW Ministry of Health will be implementing an immunisation awareness campaign to educate and inform the community and immunisation providers about the importance of ensuring that children are fully immunised on time, including for measles."
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