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immunisation links to autism Rss

no u shouldnt tell people they r unsafe. over 90% of the population is vaccinated and most would say the majority wins.
as for murcury it "use to" be a perservative in vaccinations a long time ago but sure isnt now!
as i said 244 INDEPENDENT studies in many countries.
do u no high mercury causes a disease called pink disease..... which is rare now of coarse..
"majority wins", are you for real? There is no WIN in this situation. There are risks associated with vaccinating and not vaccinating. You weigh up the pros and cons and make a decision. Nobody "WINS"!!
Mercury is STILL used in the flu vaccine today.
Independant studies done at universities or hospitals can still be FUNDED by pharmaceutical companies!!
Adverse reactions and possible health problems related to/ caused by vaccines are many and far more varied than just autism. Maybe you could have a look at the website and read some heartbreaking stories about vaccine reactions.
Like I said, there are risks involved no matter what you choose to do and I will stand by what I said, vaccines have NOT been proven to be 100% safe, that's a fact.

I am going to contradict myself here but I just want to make a comment on something from mumtogirls and peggynbindy.

First: "These "deadly" diseases are normal childhood illnesses that most people catch and have no problems getting over."

These normal diseases do kill therefore are deadly. A lot of people have no problems getting over, but we know through statistics that many people don't get over. Polio is something that has almost been eradicated via immunistation. I wouldnt think someone who suffers from polio would say they had no problems getting over. Mumps can cause sterilisation in men. I am sure those men who have suffered that havent found it incredibly easy to get over.
The old saying "Better to be safe then sorry" certainly works with immunising in these cases.


Second: "They wouldn't allow them if they weren't safe."

Well, last time I looked, cigarettes weren't safe and they allow them!
no further comment required?!!!

Immunisation is such a hot debate amongst parents, doctors, health organisations...the "experts". Depending on which way you think, depends on what research and statistics you quote! Even cigarette companies use the statistics that support smoking as not harmful. Companies around the world like Alcoa have researchers finding that the "pollution" they put in the air is not harmful, yet other findings have found they cause cancer. Yarloop in WA is a classic example. Which one is right? Depends on your stance! So having both sides, if you can get both sides, allows you to make your own decision. Whatever side you read is going to be onesided as that is what they believe and they want you to believe it too. Their job is to convince you they are right...

Hopefully we are intelligent enough to take on board what both sides say, and figure out what is best for our baby, family and community. The community is important as our babies and families are a part of the broader community and if we want to actively participate in it, we do need to consider what is best for it...not only looking at ourselves.

u r right about it being in some flue shots .. i'll agree with u there

it doesnt matter who funds them its the results of the study that matters.
i've seen that site but could u imagine the web site if the population werent vaccinated. it would sh it on that site .
there would be more risks diseases and death if the population wasnt vaccinated then the tiny amount of side effects caused by vaccinations.

[Edited on 01/02/2008]
Sounds like mumtogirls has done her research whilst others are just going with the flow and being led along.
As for 'majority wins' may I ask what you are going to do when your children reach school age and are subjected to peer pressure - that is after all, what majority wins is all about.

My husband and I have done similar research to what mumtogirls is talking about well before I fell pregnant. We have discussed as a couple and with our GP who is aware of our research and have decided to have some vaccines and not others. Our GP knows and respects our wishes.

I reminded my husband that we also had these vaccines whilst we were growing up and they did us no harm, however, now there are new ones and changes have been made to the existing ones so careful consideration is required.

Those vaccines that do contain high mercury levels will be avoided when vaccinating our son as we do not wish to take the risk. Please, make a carefully informed decision by doing as much research as possible before deciding one way or another and don't follow the 'majority wins' or peer pressure approach. Do what is best for your family with as much knowledge as possible.

the OP was aking about autism links and imunisation, and can i add that 70-80% of autistic children are boys, so could could that sex ratio be vaccination related.
Posted by: peggynbindy
the OP was aking about autism links and imunisation, and can i add that 70-80% of autistic children are boys, so could could that sex ratio be vaccination related.

kyles14, i couldnt agree more.
ok i shouldnt of said:

"they wouldnt allowe them if they werent safe"
i should of said:

"they wouldnt allow them if the benfits didnt out way the risks"

i think this is a great debate but thats all i have to say on the matter as i respect others opinions not to vaccinate even though i disagree so i'll leave it their.

my point im pushing is the autism isnt caused by vax. as quote in all my above posts.
seeya ladies nice debating.
I wouldn't say others on here haven't done their research. They have done their research, which is probably different to what mumtogirls has, or you. We all have brains (I hope) and I think we should do our own research. But take each bit knowing that whoever did the research and published it, it was funded by someone and is trying to put their view across as much as possible (and both sides this applies to).

Going with the flow? What is the flow??? With so many people on one side or the other I don't think there is such thing as a flow or majority wins.

I don't think too many mums nowadays are peer pressured. We have conflicting info coming left right and centre about all aspects of parenting, from breastfeeding, immunising, controlled crying, routines, you name it everyone disagrees and shares their thoughts, there just doesn't seem to be one way or another, and mums are wiser in what they take on board and what they recongise is best for them and their family.

One thing we all seem to "agree on" is that research is important. Talk to people, read up and keep an open mind.
whoops...was sent twice.
[Edited on 01/02/2008]
Polio was irradicated due to improved hygiene standards as it is transmitted via the faecal oral route. 90% of polio infections cause gasto only. Only 10% of cases suffer with any paralysis and in only 1% of these cases is the paralysis permanent. Polio vaccines in the 1950's were contaminated with a monkey virus which causes cancer in humans. I know what I would rather take the risk with!!!

Mumps only extremely rarely causes sterility in children who catch it, that's why it is a childhood disease.

What do anti vaccination groups have to gain from people not vaccinating? What do pharmaceutical companies have to gain while people keep vaccinating? Pretty obvious answer!!

To the OP. Do what you want to do after weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of vaccination. No one can or should make the decision for you.
Polio might be transmitted through "poo" but if immunised, the chances of you getting it are much lower. Back in the 1950s you say they had a monkey virus? What about in 2008? In 2005 the polio vaccination no longer contained live poliovirus. So things do change...and over 50 years I would expect them to change a lot! Between two and five per cent of people who develop paralytic polio will die. Half of those who survive will have permanent paralysis.

See how different studies/research show different information...we just select what we agrees with our point of view!

So because mumps is a childhood disease, does that mean adults can't get it? I know plenty of people who have had mumps as an adult and other "childhood" diseases. German Measles (rubella) is supposed to be a childhood disease, yet many pregnant women get it and causes major problems with their unborn child, some even dying. When we go have all our tests, they want to know if we are immunised against it.Sterilisation also lasts through adulthood, where necessary with booster vaccines, but not all need that. So what we have as a child, covers us for adults.

Some vaccination success stories include:

Smallpox – up until the 1960s, around two million people lost their lives every year to this highly contagious disease. In 1967, the World Health Organisation mounted an aggressive global immunisation campaign that saw smallpox eradicated from the planet in 12 years.

Poliomyelitis (polio) – this viral disease attacks the motor cells of the brain and spinal cord, potentially causing paralysis and death. Immunisation campaigns begun in the 1950s have virtually eradicated polio in the West. The first new case of polio in Australia since 1986 was reported in July 2007. Prior to this, the entire western Pacific region, including Australia, had been declared polio-free since 2000.

Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib disease) – since vaccination against Hib disease was introduced into Victoria in 1993, cases amongst children have dropped over 90 per cent.

Pertussis (whooping cough) – estimates from the United States suggest that pertussis cases would increase 71-fold, and the death rate from this disease would quadruple, if immunisation programs weren’t available.

Mumps was common until the mumps vaccine was licensed in 1967. Before the vaccine, more than 200,000 cases occurred each year in the United States. Since then the number of cases has dropped to fewer than 1,000 a year, and epidemics have become fairly rare.

As said in my other posts, do your research, research both sides, not just one and make an informed decision. Again, I hope we are smart enough to look at both sides and remember that advocates for and against have an agenda and they are trying everything to promote this. That is their job!
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