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immunisation links to autism Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

My DD will be getting her first shot this week but I heard that immunising can make a child become autistic. Does anyone know the real fact about this matter?

Hi cherryi12,

Some people believe it does but it hasn't been proven. Some kids do have different side effects that aren't the normal side effects.

I worked with autistic children before I had Aiden and some of there parents did believe that may have something too do with there children having autism but there children had been sick at the time they were immunised.

I stil had Aiden immunised.

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I have heard the same as Em-aiden about kids being sick when they were immunised and the link to autism. The nurses always ask if your baby is sick, on medication etc...even if they have a little cough, or slightly different colour poo, tell the nurse.

When they immunise, they put a little of the virus in to immunise. But if they are sick, immunity is low so that virus may do more harm. In a healthy baby, the natural antibodies work against the virus to stop them getting sick from it and doing them any harm.

This is just simplified and what I got out of the readings. If your baby is healthy, it should be fine. If they are not immunised what could happen? Immunisation is such a debated topic. I personally would prefer to immunise against all those nasty diseases which can sometimes paralyse a child then to not immunise them. But only when they are healthy to start with!
i recently was looking into all the immunisations as well when bubs had her 4 month needles. I decided i was goin to wait until she is 2 to get her MMR needle and then i want them given seperately. Thats just what i have choosen to do to minumise the risk. This is purely for my own peace of mind and i dont agree or disagree with anyone that chooses to do it there way.

DD - 27/08/07 DS - 5/01/10

vaccination does not cause autism, i read the article about why people thing immunisation causes autism and IBD. this is not the case, it has to do with measles being found in the gi tract. and also people "noticing" autism behaviours coincedently around the same time as vaccination 12-18 months.

i have a first hand experience with both autism and IBD, my son is autistic and i have crohns disease, i can go on with this toipc all day but in the end its not true it was just a theory that was proven wrong but it still hangs around..
Hello. There is a lot of information out there on the topic of vaccination and possible health risks/reactions associated with its administration. Get on the internet and read some books. A great website to start with is :
My DH and I researched vaccination for many years before having children and decided NOT to vaccinate our children. Be careful with the information you receive from health professions such as GP's and MCHN's as it is all very one sided. Find out the facts for and against. Only you and your family can make the decision that is right for you!!
I asked my GP for a guarantee in writing that my babies would not be hurt by vaccination, they refused! Good luck and don't feel pressured into making a decision one way or the other!

vaccinations are tested in many ways inregards to side effects and yes theres the odd case where theres side effects just if the population wasnt vaccinated there would be more then the odd sick person.
of coarse theres a risk with everything but the our government funds them to erradicate disease becuase thoses disease would claim more lives than the side effects of vaccinations.
as for autism, i reacon in the next 10 years they will put causes down to the mother while pregnant with the fetus comsuming a diet high in omega 6 and defficient in omega 3..
the study on that has proven evidence rather then the myth that vaccinations inparticular the MMR vax cause autism. cos its not true.
in the end i wouldnt forgive myself if my son got a preventable disease for example my borther in law is deaf from the chickenpox.

mum to girls u can say doctors are one sided but so are your thoughts and so are mine..
to answer the OP there is no link between autism and the
MMR vaccination.

heres the reason that myth came about:

a british researcher discover the measles virus in the gut of children with autism, he beleived the measles virus got there by the vaccination causeing the gut to not absorb nutrients (meaning crohns) the lack of absorbtion resulting in autism..

im presuming they mean lack of omega 3 which would make my theory of omega 3 defficiency correct, lm sure u have heard that fish oil is making headlines in treating autism and other behavioural problems.
and the rise in autism of lately co-insides with the rise in the unhealthy trend of high omega 6 low omega 3. the ration should be 1:4 omega 3 to omega 6. for the last few decades its been more like 1:30. oh and omega 3 lowers inflamtion and omega 6 increases inflammation so that would also explain the rise in imflamatory disease such as crohns..

did u no that most of the brain contains fat omega 3 and water, and your body doesnt make omega 3 it needs to be comsumed. autism is a lack of activity in the frontal lobe of the brain.
i use to have a diet high in omega 6 & i had crohns falre ups all the time . i also had a diet high in omega 6 when pregnant with my autistic son.

me and him now have that much omega 3 vin our diets its not funny, and i've be in remission ever since which is almost 2 years and my son has done a 180 and i now doubt he has autism but i no its because of his high omega 3 diet!
Vaccines are only tested for safety and effeciency by the pharmaceutical company producing them. They are accountable to no one!! Information given to GP's and MCHN's is from these pharmaceutical companies. Of course this information is one sided!
These "deadly" diseases are normal childhood illnesses that most people catch and have no problems getting over. Children who have problems with childhood disease are usually immune compromised and are not normal healthy children.
Vaccinations contain many harmful ingredients such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminium and animal products.
It is dangerous for you to be telling people that vaccinations are safe when infact they have not proven to be.
That is why I suggested to the OP to do her research and decide what to do for her family. There are risks associated with both vaccinating and not vaccinating. I think it's important for people to know the facts for and against and make their own decision.

mum 2 girls


there was 244 independed studies done on the MMR vax so u not no your stuf like u think u do. u shouldnt be telling people vaccinations are dangerous!!
Do you know who funded these studies????

How many drugs are removed from the market every year for being unsafe that were once thought to be? HRT, cellebrex and many hundreds more are!
If you have done your research and choose to vaccinate your children then good luck to you but please don't tell other mums that they are safe when they are not.
[Edited on 01/02/2008]

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