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Your Newborn's Health



My 5 week old little boy sneezes a lot! Is this normal? He doesnt have a fever or a cold etc but ...

18 replies

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HELP - Blood in poo's????

My 7 wk old bub started having mucus blood in his poo's about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We went to the do...

2 replies

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CCAM - my baby needs an op

Hi My baby was born with CCAM (congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation) - a mass of abnormal t...

22 replies

I found some comfort reading this. I am currently 21 weeks and have found out our little girl has a huge mass that is pushing her he...


Toll free number for roadrunner email problems

If you ever receive an email from an unknown person and wish to understand who's behind this...

2 replies

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How Do I Configure AOL Email IMAP Settings Correctly?

Are you one of those who are making use of the AOL account to cater to your emailing needs? Are y...

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Different colour eyes??

Hi Does anyones baby have (or did have) different colour eyes? My 3 month old has one blue eye w...

7 replies

My 9 month old son has two different coloured eyes one brown one blue exactly like his dad.


Help... Swollen Testicals

I have just noticed this morning that my 4 week old son has got red swollen Testicals. Is this th...

4 replies

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Know more about email services by roadrunner email

Ever since the services were introduced email (electronic mail) has been an important part of com...

1 reply

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BP Optimizer Review

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Man Tea Rock Hard Formula Review

Thanks for the best blog. it was very useful for me.keep sharing such ideas in the future as well...

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Man Tea Rock Hard Formula Review

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Possible shingles contact HELP ASAP PLEASE

Today I received a call from my mum letting me know that she has shingles. As little as 5 days ag...

4 replies

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free youtube subscribers

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Circumcision in Melbourne's NE- recommendations?

Hi all Our first boy is due 22 June, and we are probably going to have him circumcised for cultur...

4 replies

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Hearing loss

Hi all new parents, I have also started this topic under General Baby Topics in General Discussi...

2 replies

Hi Rachel There are a few Facebook groups that can help, and some parts of NZ have their own groups for local deaf kids. Where in ...


My 8 week old has a condition known as Renal Tubular Acidosis......

I've done alot of research and liaise with paed doctors but wonder whether anyone has knowledge o...

3 replies

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Blocked Nose

I have a 3 week old baby and these past few days he has blocked nose. Is this really normal due t...

2 replies

Yes, it's absolutely okay for newborn


newborn pimples/ milk rash

Help! My 7 week old daughter is suffering from bad newborn acne. Her face/neck and head are cover...

14 replies

Hello! Baby acne may be present at birth. In most cases, however, it will develop within two to four weeks after birth. It may last ...


Smelly Infant Hands?

Wondering if anyone else's little ones have stinky hands? I wipe them down daily with baby w...

1 reply

How old is your baby?


wind/reflux infants friend

does anyone know if you can buy infants friend in nz??

1 reply

What are your options?


Is is ok to take my 3 week old baby into a hospital with swin flu around?

Hi everyone my grandmother is in the brisbane mater hospital and not doing to good and might not ...

7 replies

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I was told at DD's 6 week checkup (now 7 weeks) that she has laryngomalacia (underdeveloped laryn...

9 replies

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My 8 week old has just been put on losec (9 days ago) he doesn't seem to be much different, has s...

9 replies

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Baby Acne

Hi I have a three week old boy (Caiden) I am breastfeeding and have been watching what I eat and...

7 replies

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Baby Powder??

Hi, I heard that using baby powder can cause cancer. What's the go should I use it or not?? Thanks

2 replies

No, I would not use talc-based powder, but there are talc-free powders and I use one by MADE OF. It is great and works just as well...


Baby Powder ????

I have read in books that you shouldnt use baby powder on new borns ,,,, My DD is 3 months old do...

20 replies

Talc-based powders are not a good choice from everything I have read. However, I found a great talc-free, organic powder by MADE OF...



I’m having issues with my 5 week old daughter. She seems to have constant wind pain and will bare...

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Hi All. I thought I would share some success ive had with a wind mixture I recently bought. My ba...

1 reply

Thanks for ur feedback! I just posted on here about issues I’m having with my 5wk old DD. She has extreme wind pain and can’t settle...


Allergies reflux and colic - is neocate the only relief?

Hi DD is 5 weeks old and has been diagnosed with reflux and cows milk/soy protein intolerance. S...

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nappy rash prevetion and treatment on newborns

im after a good way to prevent and treat nappy rash in newborn girls, is it ok to put baby powder...

8 replies

don't use talcum powder, it may irritates your baby's skin. Try a nappy rashes cream, it's best for your baby. But be...


stay fit and smart

Hello guys here are the few tips to shape your body. 1) Keep tabs on your development. At the...

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Ear Buddies

has anyone ever heard of or used 'ear buddies' to correct baby's prominent or stick out ears?? wo...

9 replies

Hello guys My bub is almost 7 months old and I'm thinking about ordering ear buddies but am just worried it's too late for...


Recommendation for Hypospadias Surgeons in Sydney???

Hello, our 5 week old son has Hypospadias. We live in Newcastle and I am looking to get a second ...

14 replies

Hi Ashah, Although we did a lot of research and were preferring to go to a doctor in Sydney but we went for another Doctor in India...


Introducing myself

Hello, I am new and I would like to know more about this forum and also I would like to make new ...

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Any mums here with an iugr bub?? new bubs or older

Well my darling little girl was born at 35 weeks but due to iugr (intrauterine growth restriction...

22 replies



Please recommend osteopath for babies Sydney!!!!!

Hi all Please recommend osteopath i can trust in Sydney for babies. My 3mo is not sleeping well....

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Mama moo


Hi, My two week old son was born with a hypospadias. I am not really worried yet, we see the pea...

264 replies

In the repair surgery they use the foreskin so it gets automatically circumcised


Hairy Testicles 3 months old

I am seeing my gp next week however wondering if anyone has expierenced this and what the outcome...

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Is your little one suffering from reflux?

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