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I had my first chils last week and I love him dearly.
I unfortunately had a rough labour which ended in an emergency C/section which then cause me to loose roughly 1.25 lt of blood I had to have two blood transfusions.

But here I am into my third day at home,and I am miserable.I feel like a cow who is just constanlty feeding.(I am thinking of going formula...but my man thinks I am not giving it enough time)

Its so hard,I get maybe two hrs sleep a night if I'm lucky,and my partner thinks its beacuse our chils can feel my tension....I am stressed,dont know if its post natal or just first time mum blues.
I hate that my partner can go out and catch up with mates and I am stuck at home without even a shower!!!

Does anyone else feel this way?

Bec,Tas,Hugh 26/10/06

Hi Bec,
I have a 5week old baby and last week was diagnosed with PND. I am now on medication and feel I am getting better.....I have good support and my mum has had the baby for me the past 2 nights and will again tonight, just so I can catch up while I am trying to get on top of the PND.
With my first I felt the same as you do.....every one gets the blues from day 3-7 but it only becomes PND if they last longer than 4 days.
Anyway the important thing is you get help and talk to someone.
Good does get better.
Mel smile

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

Oh sweety I know it's hard for the first time but you know what it will get better. Baby blues usually settle in around day 3-4 but will only last a little while. With your baby only being a few days old it will take some time to get use to the idea of motherhood cause NO ONE is born to know how to do it, It is a big change in your life but it's not something you need to deal with alone. If your having trouble with breastfeeding & YOU WANT to try to continue give the breastfeeding assosiation a call most baby clinics run a breastfeeding class maybe you can try that or get your midwife to call around to help you out.
If you would like someone to talk to my e mail addy is
feel free to add me & I'll be happy to just listen.
Chin up sweety & im sure your doing a GREAT JOB!!!! xxx
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