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Do I keep seeing a Clin Psyc Lock Rss

What would you do?
I had a very hard time getting over a difficult birth and breastfeeding issues. I am working myself to resolve them, but finally was able to talk to someone recently. I saw one lady who was very helpful, but I was only able to see her twice due to her schedule then she wanted me to join a group which I was unable to do due to other commitments. I then went to a private practice for an assessment, spoke to another lady who was lovely. I repeated my whole story. They then took this to a meeting and assigned me a Clinical Psychologist who was a male, who is not good a asking questions and just sits in silence most of the time waitng for me to talk.

a) I don't feel confident talking to a male about my birth and breastfeeding issues (why would they feel a male would be a good person to assign me anyway)
b) I seriously cannot believe I have to retell my whole story again for a third time, even in the same practice as I had to

So my question is, should I just keep trying to deal with it myself and give up on the thought that someone might help. I think I'm doing ok with time. Definitely better than I was before anyway.
Thanks Rosie Mumma. It's been seven months now and I'm doing ok on most days, just occasionally getting to me now. You are actually very right, its only a question I can answer.
The one they've assigned me is privately, and I would be seeing him everytime, but I just don't know how helpful a man can be at helping me deal with birth and breastfeeding issues. I don't know wether to make a big deal and request to see someone else, to just see him again and not feel totally comfortable, or just not see anyone at all. So hard! It is under that GP sceme which is good and I should probably make use of it while my referral is still current, I just felt he was so unhelpful last session.

As for the bfíng I think we are nearly at the end of trying to bf for every feed. I've spoken to the ABA, seen LC's, taken medication, supplements, recommended foods to boost supply, pumped, supplemented for the last six months after every feed - and bubba still struggled to gain weight. I think I'm coming to terms with it all now and in a slightly better place about just giving what I can.

I hope your session goes well xx
Thanks Little Miss. That might be a good idea. I don't want to be a pain to them so was just going to stop going and thought I was doing ok. But had a little episode the other night where I was back to so miserable again. Woke up fine in the morning, but just don't want it to keep happening. xx
So I got up the courage to ask to see a female councillor instead. That was Friday two weeks ago that I asked the receptionist. She said someone would have to call me back and let me know. So I didn't hear anything until the Friday just gone when the male that I had been talking to rang me himself. I felt so uncomfortable, surely they realise if I've asked to speak to someone else it means I don't want to speak to him again. Grr so annoying.
Oh yeh sorry that wasn't very clear so he rang me and said so I hear you want to see a female instead. I said yes please he was just quite awkward about it. I guess he wanted to know why but still. I just said when the issues are to do with birth and breastfeeding I would just rather talk to a female. He said it might be possible he would have a check.
Is there another organisation of councellors/psychs you can see? I find it pretty strange that you requested to see someone new, and that he rang you about it... If they wanted to know why for further reference, someone else should have rung you, surely.

I hope that you can find someone you're comfortable talking to. And please don't feel like you're going to be a pain to them by pushing for someone different to see etc, it's your right as a patient.

They will probably share notes on what you've told them previously, but it is beneficial for them to hear you tell the story again so they can hear it in your words, and you might add something you hadn't realised before, and they might see it in a different light to the previous people. If that makes sense? But hopefully you'll have someone who you can see consistently and work through everything with.

I wish you all the best x

There are other organisations available which I feel maybe I should just go there instead mostly because I don't want to feel embarrassed running into the man again. I know I shouldn't and it is my right it's just hard not feeling that way!
I think I'll wait another week and see if they get back to me otherwise might investigate other options.
I agree Beaker! If they wanted to know why I'd rather anyone else but him talk to me about it. If I had a request like that at my work I would ask someone else otherwise it just feels like your being attacking and defensive of your service almost.
Thank you ladies I knew you could help xx
Try finding a female psych that specialises in PND on
Hi Lilsunflower,

Sorry this reply is a little late- just saw this thread- I hope you have found some help in the meantime. I am a therapist in NSW, so I know a bit on this topic. The factor that predicts the best outcomes in therapy is the relationship between therapist & client. If you don't feel comfortable with someone after 1 or 2 sessions, definitely try someone else. I can totally understand why you would prefer a female counselor to discuss issues around a traumatic birth & breastfeeding etc- I would too:)
The stats also show us that women who experience difficult or traumatic births are at much higher risk of post natal depression, so it's really important you get effective help early- good on you for pursuing this. It's not worth suffering & trying to push through ourselves when there is help out there. Leaving things can result in worsening symptoms & a slower recovery, so getting in early is definitely the way to go.
It sounds like you haven't been listened to very well by the male therapist you were allocated- regardless of his reasons, it's vital you find someone you feel comfortable with.
A few options to perhaps consider, if you haven't already, is asking trusted friends & family- word of mouth is a good indicator usually. Also, you could ask your GP for therapists they might know, as well as your local Childhood Health Centre. Online you could look for therapists who specialize in post natal depression or trauma therapy, who are female-the Australian Psychologist Society, or Australian Clinical Psychology Association has lots of listings, as does the Australian Association of Social Workers (look for private practitioner listings in your area).
Most importantly, keep looking until you find the right person. You are right to question the use in returning to a therapist you don't feel comfortable with- there's little point. But don't give up- there is great help out there- sometimes takes some trial & error, but worth it!! Good luck:)
Thank you for this. I ended up seeing a lady as part of the six free GP sessions because I didn't quite know where else to look. I feel a bit better in myself but I'm not sure that the original problem were ever really addressed. I was able to extend to twelve sessions and my last one is coming up. I think I'm just going to leave it for now but think that I'll need to find someone when I do fall pregnant again because then it will be very raw and superficial and my anxiety will skyrocket. I will have a look at those links and perhaps start getting prepared so I'm not scrambling when it comes to it. Thank you again smile
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