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Feeling Depressed Lock Rss

[font="Verdana"][size="2"]I dont even know why I'm writing this, I just need too get it off my chest...

Ive been feeling Depressed since my little man was born back in December, but now, with the suprise news of being pregnant again, I cannot get excited. Im always sad and always anxious...

We have barely any money and my partner dosen't want to do anything to change that, he drinks every night and works all day but barely earns any money, he wont change jobs because they are "flexible" with him.. My friends have all got better things to do (im 19) than spend time with me and the baby and my family is in a different state (I want to move and SO dosen't)...

I've been seeing a counsellor for about 8 months now, but its really not helping! I think I need some meds but my partner dosen't believe in them, thinks they are not necessary and will make me more depressed.. I dont think anyone understands the way im feeling, they brush it off like im just having a bad day... So ive just stopped telling people how I feel and trying to get on with it, but im at my wits end.. I just want to go on a holiday and never return.

I just sit on my butt and eat all day, the house work is piling up and I cannot seem to get on top of things! I just feel like I've had to sacrifice so much, like completing my apprenticeship, doing things people my age do, travelling, living with my family and Ive had to grow up so quickly, my partner dosent even care(27yo), he only thinks about himself and what he wants.. I love being a mummy but I feel like I dont get any recognition for what I do! And just because he earns the money, everyone thinks life revolves around him!

I wonder, if this is it? is this how my life is going to be? So over it...

Sorry for venting.. I just feel so lost, don't know what to do anymore.[/font][/size]
Hi, i am sorry your feeling so down.
Firstly i think you need to maybe change counsellers? That might help.
Have you been offered meds before and said no because of your partner?
You need to look after you and your child first.
He sounds very selfish to me.
I have been through some bad relationships and come out the other end ok.
I suggest you talk to more people.
Have you spoken to your family and friends about how your feeling?
You really need to get YOU soughted out.
If he is not supportive in that then there is a problem.
There is plenty of help out there for you.
Just dont sit there and think, this is it, because its not. You deserve to feel good and be happy.
Gets some more counselling, speak to your doctor, friends, family etc and get some help.
Good luck to you hun. xxx
Firstly GBH!!!

I had my first baby at 19 and i too was feeling like you are. None of my friends wanted anything to do with someone with a baby and i felt very isolated. So i think you need to make new ones!! Ones with kids. DO you have a playgroup/mothers morning tea groups where you live? Its amazing the difference it can make getting out of the house for a few hours.

On depression, i too have suffered it and my DH was raised with the belief that you dont need medication for anything, it only makes you worse. So i hid it from him. The medication helped me a lot, and if you and your doctor believe you will benefit from it, than i would take it.

Are you sure that your partner is someone you want to be with for the rest of your life? Work all day, drink all night? What kind of father figure will that be for your kids? Maybe you need to go and visit your parents for a while and talk to them about how your feeling. Maybe if you dont have the money they will help you out?

I hope you seek help and start to feel better soon. Best of luck.
I agree, maybe you need to seek a new councellor. Ppl have different ways of wording things and some just click with you better. I know when i see my phycologist that i always leave smiling smile
Some time away sounds like a great idea.
Good luck smile
I myself have never sufered form depression but I had my baby when I was 20 (im now 21. Like you all my friends were off at uni or doing something funa nd would come vist me occasionally. I started joining groups, I take DS to swimming classes , music classes etc alllv ery cheap. It gets you out of the house and I even met someone who was around teh same age as me. It does take confidence to start going by yourself but you jst have to say to yourself that your baby is going to love it and all the mothers there at the groups are extrwmely nice.
As for your partner I think you need to talk to him and if you arent happy wiht him maybe you have to ask him to leave. You are still young so you will meet some one else.
I hope you can get thrugh this xoxox
[font="Verdana"][size="2"]Thankyou everyone that replied. Its so lovely to know that people do really care, I think its time for me to see the Dr again and do whats best for me..
im sick of him being so controlling. we are currently attending couples counselling together aswell, only had 1 session so far, hopefully that works for us. I will also look into some new counsellors/psychologists..

I go to a playgroup once a week, as for other ones, its hard as I haven't got my lisence yet (no one to teach me how to drive in Syd). I will keep you all updated. thanks x[/font][/size]
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