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I am only new to this area, have a little girl who's 4mths, she was completely unplanned and her father does not want anything to do with us yet also doesn't want to leave me alone. I battled depression all throughout my pregnancy, continued taking my anti-depressants (after much thought)and since bubba has been born i have had to triple my medication. The doctor has confirmed PND and started me with a psychologist.

I just want to ask if anyone else feels as awful as i do. Today is mother's day, for the first time ever bubba was looked after by my sister (i have never had time without bub within arms reach - the joys of being alone). I was so ecstatic, i just feel even worse about my performance as a mum after today. The one day of the year when kids are supposed to be with their mum and i was so excited because my kid wasn't around.

I just sit at home with her every day and i feel empty, i regret going ahead with the birth at times and i honestly don't get any joy from being around her. I had a terrible pregnancy, a difficult birth, trouble breastfeeding and she has reflux. I see my sister's kids and they were 'perfect', i just blame myself that she has had a crap start to life.

Anyway, thanks for listening.
Posted by: belindam83

i just blame myself that she has had a crap start to life.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

hey belinda,

welcome to the forum, you will find this to be a great place for advise and most of all venting and friends.

i'm shez, 25 with one son 21 months

firstly i dont agree with what you said above about a crap start to life..

just think, she has "a life", you gave this to her and that is alot more than some babies in this world, she has a future to look forward to and she has a great mum as you are strong enough to admit that you are having troubles and to tell complete strangers about it. good on you for this.

i have been taking meds for pnd for about 7 months and am feeling way better than 12 months ago.

do you feel any better now that you are on meds and seeing someone....

dont feel bad about not spending today with her..just remember, its mothers day and therefore YOUR day so you can spend it any way you like, alone or not....

feel free to pm me if you want to chat otherwise i'l see you round the forum....


Hi Belindam83,
Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Nat, I am 21 and my daughter is 8 months. I am having a bad day. I don't know what else to say... just want to let you know that I am here... We are all here.... Looking up.... We will make it, I hope.

How do you feel now towards your little one?
I am sorry if you do not like what I am writing. I know someone who wants to adopt a child. If you still regret having your daughter, the adoption is the best option, I think. I am new to the forum, and do not know how to contact you. could you please reply to my message or how can be contacted?


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